About Me

MissBellaI am a bisexual Mistress in my early 30’s, with many different interests.

Music, Philosophy, Religion and Sexual Fetishes, being the main ones.

Music is a big chunk of my life, I enjoy many different types from 1930’s-present time. My favorite bands/artists are The Beatles, The Who, Nirvana, Lead Belly, Huge Laurie, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Louis Armstrong, Simon & Garfunkel, the list can go on and on. I can’t stand new country, but will put up with it, if I have to.

I like playing guitar (acoustic and electric), and drums. Feeling the pressure on my fingertips with every note and cord I create, is instant stress relief. The power of the drumsticks beating on the skins of each drum, while pumping the bass drum pedal hard with my foot, relaxes the tension. Playing, shuts my mind off, but only until I stop.

My mind flows easily with music, especially while listening to classical music, jazz, old folk, and blues. When I write, my thoughts open up and start flowing like a river moving down to a waterfall. My mind becomes obsessive compulsive with ideas, from previous experiences in past relationships with slaves, and from my worthless online paypigs. The sexual thoughts will not turn off until I start typing, and continue to do so until my brain feels cleansed.

Religion is one of the most controversial topics/issues known to man, as everyone has a belief, or disbelief. I am not religious myself, however learning about different cultures, rituals and backgrounds is interesting. Religious experiences are fascinating, and inspire many people to change things in their lives, some for good and others not so good; for some even blame their religion on crimes they’ve committed… While others kick aside their addictions, get an education and live their lives to the fullest.

My view with Philosophy is similiar, as everyone is different in their own way; therefore having various perspectives about “life” and “morals”.  For me, it’s all about learning different angles of thinking and possibilities, as life is ALWAYS OPEN to interpretation, no matter who’s looking at you from around the world. We are all paintings of art, which everyone else tries to interpret, and understand..

I like to get to know people for who they are, not for what they want to be. I want to know their hopes, dreams, fantasies, their downfalls, accomplishments, and their nightmares. Be true and honest to yourself, as it makes it easier to explore your desires, and tastes.

I like to use this information to my advantage being the Mistress. Once the initial correspondence is done, and the tribute has been paid, I do my own investigation as I send assignments, and questions to the money slaves I’m bleeding dry.

What makes their mind tick? What makes their experiences different than everyone elses? What are they into? How far can I experiment? What are they thinking as they are doing the tasks assigned to them? All these questions and many more come up in my mind.

Sexual fetishes are intriguing. I have seen and experienced quite a few. I have enough of them on my own, as I thoroughly enjoy the public scene. I get urges to pee, flash, moon, masturbate, and have sex in public. These urges I have no control over half the time. I enjoy watching others in public as well. As much as I am an exhibitionist, I am just as much a voyeur.

It excites me as my paypigs dig deep in their pockets, just to humiliate themselves in front of me. I tingle while they perform the jobs I assign them. I don’t take any pity, and I’m quite merciless with the tasks I give them.

Being able to bleed someones pocket dry is powerful. It’s a fetish all in it’s own. Taking pleasure in humiliating, and finanicially dominating someone with no remorse is invigorating. Using everything they tell me against them is true supremacy.

You must learn about proper site etiqutte, just so we are both on the same page. Click here my little minons!!

How I love to play!