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A Day In The Life Of Mistress Bella

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As you are well aware, I am a Mistress which specializes in Finanicial Domination and Humiliation.

I humiliate and demean unworthy mortals making them feel like the scum of the earth.

I take great pride in my work, as it pleases me to see my minions grovel at my feet while they dig in their pockets to pay me!

What I do here is quite simple. I sit and read all the pitiful emails you runts send me, while I drink my morning coffee, and eat my breakfast. I laugh and giggle over the pictures and videos as I’m viewing them, almost spitting my coffee out of my mouth.

As I’m about to start my day, I stand up; still looking at the computer screen, shaking my head saying “You moron’s are fucking pathetic!” . I close my laptop and head into the shower still laughing.

Even as I’m lathering up my hair, arms, and legs I’m chuckling, talking to myself saying “I can’t believe what I witness every morning I wake up. These leeches are lost and are lunatics in their own minds, and I love being their leash!”. I rinse off and get out.

Usually I check my email for a few minutes with a towel wrapped around my long hair, wearing my housecoat. I see another email from a slave, but now the maggot want his cherry broken with a Webcam session. This made me very happy!

I agreed, and he pays me through a EMT. I make him watch me as I’m making my coffee, while he has his hand on his puny cock. He is looking for Cum Denial, and that’s what he’ll get, though I’m not in the mood to watch this pathetic piglet pull on his tiny prick. I had to tell him to come back later after I drank half my coffee.

I stand up from the table holding my mug. I go back in the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth. I’m thinking of ideas for Fetish Clips I could try… I get my uniform on and head to work for the day or night, as I do shiftwork.

I work my ass off for 12hrs, then get through the door and turn on my computer… I make myself another coffee, and wait for my peasant to make my meal. He’s waiting for permission to cum as well, but I’m too tired for that. I have other plans for my peasant after all, and I need to check my messages from my pay piglets!

I recieved several emails while I was gone. I couldn’t wait for the amusement to begin. Oh!! And… There’s the slave looking for a Webcam session again… Should I? Or shouldn’t I let him cum? Guess I’ll play with him for a tad bit before I make that rash decision….

The game begins all over again. How I love this cycle! How I love the MONEY!!!


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My Peasant

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So, as I stomped through the living room last evening; noticing the array of garbage and clutter around me, I knew there was no way in hell that I was going to allow my pathetic peasant to masturbate, even though it has been a week since his last release.

shovel I had to shovel all the snow after last week’s storm, because the worthless bastard got his vehicle “stuck” in the snow on the way here…. Useless piece of shit! For that, my peasant paid dearly, as I had advised him that he could not masturbate, or have a shower for one week. He’d have to deal with his own stench while performing the chores around my house. In addition, he had to pay tribute, as I had to do HIS god dam job because of his inexcusable absence.

I stood in the middle of the living room… BOY was I pissed. His back was turned away from me, watching the television screen because he was “taking a break”…It seemed to me that my peasant needed to be reminded of who OWNED him! I grabbed each side of his clavicles, squeezing so hard with my fingers that he dropped to the floor on his knees. I demanded him to get back to HIS job, as I may consider not allowing him the time to pleasure himself while he’s showering. He really stunk for it would be the first time in a week since he washed. There was a lot of work ahead of him, and he had until 7:45pm to get everything finished… It was 7:00pm….

It was 7:30pm… I discretely crept up behind him as, now he was a hard working peasant; to check on his progress… I grinned as I knew there was more work for him to do… Poor peasant wasn’t going to cum tonight.

He turned around suddenly, and started to panic as I was standing there smiling at him tapping my watch, reminding him what time it was. I walked up to him and ran my fingers through his short brown hair, I laid his head down on the ledge of the tub… I told him to keep his head there as I needed to squash it with my foot.

I lifted my foot and gently placed it on the side of his face. Gradually putting the pressure of my weight on his thick head. I whispered to him while smiling, he wasn’t going to cum tonight. He wasn’t going to shower… He even wasn’t going to be able to go bed until ALL the work was done… Even if it took him until 4:00am.

I lifted my foot off of his face, walked out of the bathroom. I stopped and turned back at him as I was leaving. I reminded him that I was going to be getting up early in the morning, and I expected strawberries and pancakes for breakfast…

I went up to my office to look at porn while I rubbed myself multiple times over and over again. I had noticed he would pause so he could listen attentively to my moans and movements. I knew this was torture for him. His cock was raging hard, rubbing against his pants as he cleaned. He wanted to stroke his throbbing dick so badly, but he knew he wasn’t going to be worthy until he obeyed my commands…. I smiled every time I noticed the silence downstairs, as I was playing with myself. This had amused me and it turned me on, making me want to cum even more. It was around 10:00pm when I had finished pleasuring myself, and my peasant was still focused on his chores…  As I laid in my bed exhausted and relaxed, running my hands through my hair, I was listening as he was working along….“Good boy” I said softly to myself before I rolled over. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

This morning, I woke up with the aromatic scent of coffee, and freshly made pancakes crawling up the stairs. The smell instantly put a smile on my tired face. With excitement, I rushed down the stairs. I was shocked to see the table set, with fresh flowers from the garden, and my house was absolutely spotless. I stepped toward him, lightly grazed my fingers over his cheek, and quietly said “What a good little peasant I have here.” I sat down and poured my orange juice.

Ohh… Such a heavenly smell of pancakes, and flowers. They were my favorite flowers too… Lilies.  How I enjoyed that, this morning!  This meal was about to make me want to throw my peasant in the shower so he could take care of himself in every way possible, as I had been craving pancakes for so long!! I love strawberries and cream with them too. It’s not the same without them. I was about to dig in, when I asked for the cream…

OH for fucksakes!! There was none…

Furious now, I calmly turned my head toward him. The peasant was looking at me so happily and looked so cheerful, until he seen the seriousness on my face… He knew I wasn’t impressed with this oversight… He looked down at the floor in disappointment. I told him he was a little, no good for nothing bastard, that couldn’t get nothing right no matter how simple of a task it was…. I stood up and grabbed him by the balls, twisting them harshly… He winced and cried out in pain and dropped to the kitchen floor…

“I guess you’re not going to cum today either, you worthless shit. I’ve decided I’m going out for breakfast since you ruined this one, and you’re giving me the money for it right now!”

He paid me… I left… Perhaps he’ll cum tonight…

Ummm… Yeah… Probably not!



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