My Fetish Clips

I have a variety of general fetish clips available for purchase.

These are all non nude clips which I do in my spare time. I enjoy doing them for all that maybe interested.

Below I have provided you with a picture of each clip available to the public, with a description about what it’s about.

Note: I am known as “bunnie” on the clip store, and sometimes “bellabunnie” at various places around the net world.



Crank it up!

I try to get the old gal started by cranking the engine, but maybe it’s flooded. It wouldn’t start, so I put it up for sale. Wanna buy it?? Think you’re worthy of driving MY car????



It feels like your soft balls!

I step all over a pillow that feels like your saggy old balls under my feet while wearing my sexy open toed shoes, and then I kick it aside…just like I would if YOU were here.



You Will NOT Escape From Me!

Verbal humiliation POV clip in my cold, dark basement, looking down at you while I smoke and tell you what a useless sack of shit you are. You will NEVER satisfy me, you weak sissy bitch!



Teasing You On The Floor

You are on the floor, looking up at my feet and want to tickle them, but I won’t let you. Are you ticklish too? I bet you are! BEG me…



My First Foot Domination POV Clip

The beautiful, serene atmosphere of the beach takes a 180 degree turn, as my slave was late for a meeting with me. The sloppy, pathetic slave was under strict rules to do only what I INSTRUCTED as he worshipped my dirty and gritty feet, only to be flicked away with my filthy toes as he was just wasting my time.


I start up the Porsche for the first time of the summer and rev the engine with my feet in flip-flops on the pedal. This is just a quick clip but part 2 is coming soon and will be longer.


Are your balls pathetically sized as these little grapes are??

If so, watch me CRUSH them with my barefeet; turning them into nothing but juice, while talking down to you about your useless sac!



Do you like the sound of my feet pumping the juice out of of your balls?

Would you enjoying hearing your testicles crack open, as I’m putting pressure on them with my bare heels?

This clip has awesome juice pumping sounds, and you can clearly hear the skin breaking as I’m crushing these oranges to nothing but juice with extra pulp!!


Note: This was a special request video. Let us know if you have any ideas you would like to see too!!


For all the hair fetish freaks out there, I decided to make a clip as I worked my fingers through my long brown hair producing a rich thick lather.

You can clearly see my pink booty shorts as I’m bent over the sink…

Wouldn’t you like to just smack my ass while I’m getting ready for the day?

I don’t think so pig!!


You like watching girls shave their armpits don’t you?

Would you like to run your tounge over them after they’re cleanly shaved?

Want to have the fresh scent of the shaving cream tickle your nose?

I made sure my armpits were good and hairy for you sick bastards with this clip. Watch me shave my hairy stinky armpits, and apply deodorant, making them smell like lavender.

NOTE: One of my customers had requested what type and brand I had used for deodorant, so he could go out and purchase it. If you runts want to know what supplies I use, feel free to ask maggots. I’ll even sell you some of my used items.


This clip satisfies many shaving fetish freaks out there, as I shave; not just my hairy stinky armpits, but you witness my hairy legs getting shaved as well.

Watch as I glide the razor over my lower legs, while I rub my feet against each other, wiggling my toes with each stroke. Observe while I rub my legs with lotion afterwards, and giving myself a foot massage. You know you want to!


Feeling the power of a Porsche beneath my feet turns my crank! Pumping that pedal just to hear the sweet engine rev up gets me excited.

I thought I’d allow you the opportunity to drive with me in my sexy ride, so you could feel and hear the power around you. Listening to the roar of the rumbling engine, and sitting on the vibrating sensation can be a ground breaking experience.

On this fall chilly day, I take you on the highway in my automatic beast. I’m wearing my sandals at first, but on the way home I felt more comfortable driving in my barefeet. It was a nice ride out in the country!!


On this day, I’m ready to go out to a birthday party. I always wanted to try blowing the cigarette smoke into a balloon, then popping it, to see if a cloud of smoke would puff out.

As I’m in my dress, heels and nylons; I do just that as I stand in front of my Porsche smoking my cigarette, I blow the smoke into a balloon to inflate it. Then I forced the cigarette butt into the ground by putting all my weight through my hot red heels, pushing it into the earth…


There’s just something about the feeling of having a long, hard needle being worked around my toes. I use both of my feet with ease. One to hold the base of the needle which slides it in between my toes of the other foot. Similar to how you would hold a pool cue.

I slowly rub the needle between the toes, so much so that it feels like a pencil dick grinding… Then I lightly feather the arches of my feet.

At the end of it all, I thoroughly enjoy poking the knitting needle in something with my feet… Just to give it some added satisfaction. Especially after a frustrating day…

This is a clip showing just that. My knitting needle pops a ballon nice and slow… Working the knitting needle between my toes…
Anticipating the pop with every movement that I make!


Do you like the sound of nails scratching a balloon?

Does it remind you of your teacher, when she use to run her nails down the chalk board because she caught you looking up your classmates skirt?

Perhaps it makes you think of that special birthday party when you first got touched?

This has some wicked balloon squeaking noises, as I scratch and massage my fingers and nails all over balloon. I put a sewing needle in between my lips, running the needle lightly over it, only to push it into the balloon until it pops.

The force is so great you can actually see the air blowing my hair back!


I get into my snazzy classic Porsche only to discover that it won’t start!

I had to pop the hood to have a look at the problem, then get back in to turn the key. I had to keep revving the engine to keep it going.

My bare feet in my white sexy sandals works  the pedal in and out to get the revs up and then I’m finally able to back my sexy ride out of the driveway!!


On this beach clip, you’ll see I do a lot more with my feet in my sexy white sandals, as I dangle them off my toes while I sit on a rock, moving my feet in and out of them.

As I lay back on the rocks I show off the soles of my dirty sandy feet, spreading my toes and wiggling them about. I then drive away in my Toyota, working the pedal with my sexy white sandals, occasionally taking the foot out to scratch the other while still driving.


My favorite place to go is the beach. In this clip you’ll see me playing in the sand with my bare feet for the first half.

Digging in the sand and letting it sift through my wiggling toes, while caressing my calves with each foot.

I walk to the car and drive my 5 speed Toyota Tercel. You’ll see me working the clutch, brake, and gas pedals easily with my sandy barefeet.


I shaved my legs while resting my feet on the stomach of one of my sub male runts. Unfortunately, the stupid bastard was too dumb to film the POV correctly, so it came out dark in places. I think he was enjoying himself too much. Don’t worry…he was suitably punished for it later…


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