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Line Punishment

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I will be the first to tell you there are some tasks in this industry that I feel are fucking RETARDED!! I suppose though, that would be because I don’t get all tingly in my pants over the boring repetitive ones. If I did, then I guess I wouldn’t be saying this either.

One of the boring monotonous tasks I often get requests for is Line Punishment. I have found through my experience though, it does come in handy for a quick disciplinary measure… In addition, it’s not found to be fun, however I do not like to go that route on a regular basis, as it’s not very entertaining for me personally…. And I ENJOY being amused!!


It’s strange how different fetishes do different things to the various freaks in this fucking sick world we live in. Seriously though… Think about it, especially with this one fetish.

When you think of line punishment, what do you think about? Take a second or two to rewind a bit. Reminisce, if you will…


line-punishment1I can tell you, it brings back many memories for me during my school years. I can remember certain times when the teacher would catch me doing something I wasn’t suppose to be doing. Whether it was chatting it up with a girlfriend during class, or I was passing love notes across the way to the chick or fella I had a crush on; I would have to get up and start writing lines on the chalkboard OR I would have to write it all out on fucking looseleaf for punishment. Jesus I hated it! But I never learned from it, as I kept on doing it over and over.

Those times I had a spelling test or project completed, I ended up writing row after row of the correctly spelt words that I had misspelled consistantly throughout my essay or spelling test. I fucking detested ALL of that. Did I learn? Maybe… Not quite sure. I’m definitely not perfect… Not even close. Now that I think of it, perhaps the teachers had a type of line punishment fetish.

I used to laugh at the losers that would have to get up IN FRONT OF THE CLASS and write their lines. Their writing tasks were HUGE as they had to fill three massive chalkboards FULL of stupid fucking retarded lines; just to explain why they wouldn’t look up girls skirts anymore…LOL

Imagine the humiliation they felt. They probably felt as though they were about three inches tall.

This is were the Line Punishment fetish begins. You fucking sick fucktards yearn for that humiliation, and that specific type of discipline as you need to be corrected in a certain kind of way! You loath but ache for that little boy inside you. You want to feel the eyes on you. You need to hear the snickers of the “class”. Have you ever had to wear the “Dunce” cap? I’ve never had that misfortune…lol. BUT others have. They were shoved in a corner standing or sitting, and they were made to stay there for LONG periods of time. I seen one young boy piss himself because he was too afraid to ask to be excused. But that’s the feeling you crave and long for, isn’t it? You love to hate this part of your life. It lives deep inside you, and it’s a craving that can easily be managed without anybody noticing.

Due to being a STRICT TASK Mistress, I like to have things done EXACTLY as I say and when I say it. If it’s not done to my satisfaction OR if you are tardy with your duties, I WILL either make you pay a fine or tell you do it over and over until I am satisfied. This is where line punishment comes in handy. It allows me to be exactly that when I need a quick disciplinary way to get my point across.


I will give you an example of what I’m talking about…

One of the “slaves” that I had (notice it’s past tense), he had specifically applied to be my “Line Writing Bitch“. He LOVED writing lines… So much so, that when one day I demanded him to write 200 lines saying “Mistress Bella Is Not Pleased With Me“, he counter offered saying that he would gladly write 400 lines! I started to laugh, and scratch my head a bit, and finally said “Well, since you’re so ambitious for line punishment, you can write 600 lines!!” Guess what? He fucking did it! He said it took him seven hours of writing to do the task from start to finish, and how it became increasingly difficult after two hours in… But he fucking did it… This is the proof!  LOL

line punishment

 From the submissive “student” waiting, hoping to be “useful” to the class… Offering to complete their writing tasks for free… To a dominant “student” writing lines on the chalkboard for being late for class… This is where the task writing niches and line punishment fetishes take hold.

If you apply to be my submissive “student”, I will give you these types of discipline…

But let it be known… That’s not all you will be getting. The little boy inside you will have to man up, and grow a set of balls, cuz I don’t much care for being bored. Suck it up princess!!

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