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Septic Slave Josh

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josh-potty I had such a bad day the other day… I was feeling down and out and needed a change of scenery. I wondered to myself, if my little slave boy named Josh wanted to go for a walk with me. I don’t usually show him my soft side, but I really wanted to have company. Plus at the end of the day, his pain is my pleasure 😉

I called Josh, requesting to come pick me up at my residence and to take me to the park. I love being at the park. Watching the ducks, people walking their dogs, couples on the benches, listening to the birds singing and flying around…  I advised him that if he obeyed, he would be treated afterwards with something very special.

Josh picked me up a half an hour later. As I got in his car I noticed that he didn’t even look up at my face. Usually he tries but I batter him away. This struck me as odd. I thought it would be best for me not to ask. Perhaps he was also in need for the change as well.

Once we got there, we stepped out of the car and walked down this long path that leads to the pond. The path must have taken us at least ten minutes. Through the path, Josh was distant and withdrawn. I was trying to figure out what could have been the problem…..

Then it hit me. The light bulb came on! Why was I so stupid to not figure this out? My poor little slave boy needed to go to the bathroom to play….

I put my hand on his shoulders, and told him to look at me. He did, but he looked pretty down. I asked him if he needed to go to the porta potty across the pond. Those big eyes of his were now full of amazement. He looked as though he was a child at Christmas.

We talked about typical conversations while we walked across the pond to the porta potty. As we were walking towards it, the smell was stronger. The more pungent it became, the more Josh got lost into the moment.

I decided to have a cigarette during these first few moments. I wanted to observe his behavior, and how his body was reacting to the environment while we waited in line to use the potty. People from the park didn’t notice a change… But I did.

Josh was a pacer in these moments. His hands would constantly be fiddling… He gets so fidgety at first. The anticipation of what awaits him inside that door. The acidic aroma; the filthy, contaminated box filled with fecal splatters and stains everywhere you look.

As I finished my cigarette, I tapped Josh on the shoulder. He turned to me and seen I was about to butt out my cigarette. I tossed it on the ground in front of my feet and I stepped on it. Josh being avid on his feet got down on his hands and knees to quickly pick the butt up with his mouth. He held it in his mouth for the duration of the wait in the line up. People just stared as they watched me rub his back, praising him telling him what a good boy he was for picking up Mistresses trash.

We were finally at the end of the line. I grabbed Joshes hair and reminded him how pathetic of a man he was. I told him that he was my weak little runt of the litter. I commanded my little pig to go get his slops before I changed my mind.

Josh practically ran towards the eye stinging odor. As he closed the door behind him, he let out this moan, which he spit out the butt he picked up a bit before this. The environment in there was disgusting. The sulfurous smell wasn’t enough for him. He had to take in every last image of what was inside that repulsive box…

The fecal matter doused on the floor, walls and toilet seat. The urine that was imbedded in the seat, so much so, you couldn’t tell if the seat was suppose to look that way or not. There was spit on the floor, and it looked as though it were rubbed into some of the unused toilet paper… Josh looked down deep into the sepsis below. The fumes from the venomous liquid was stinging his eyes badly now, but he had to keep looking at what laid inside.  The cigarette butts, tampons, sanitary napkins, and toilet paper was all that you could see beyond the first layer. The more he seen, the more excited he got. His dick was so hard it hurt when he moved.

Josh sat down in the filth with his pants around his ankles, grasping onto his member as he continues to embrace all that was around him. I am outside at this time, and I just lit another cigarette. There wasn`t anybody around for a while, but now it seems there is some people walking closer to the potty. I advised my filthy little runt that there are people coming up the path, and that if he doesn`t hasten his mission, he may become the potty. I was starting to have the urgency to go myself.

As the people came closer, I could hear Josh in the potty taking care of business. I called him down to the lowest by telling him how fecal matter was worth more than him, and how he didn`t deserve to be privileged enough to experience this filthy place. I ordered him to stop masturbating right then and there.

The people walked passed me as if I wasn`t even there. It struck me as bit odd, but I figured Josh didn`t have the door locked. I began to smile with amusement at the thought of somebody going in there with him unknowing of his presence. There was a couple of people that had came up to me and asked if the potty was occupied… I gleefully said that there was nobody in there, it wasn`t occupied.

As those people went in I was waiting for the shrill shrieks… But nothing happened… They went in, did their business and came back out. Several people had done this, and didn`t seem to have any kind of reaction to Josh being inside.

Where was Josh? What was he doing? Why aren’t I seeing or hearing any kind of reaction to his presence? I couldn’t figure it out. So I called out the weak little piggy for everyone to see…

Josh slowly opened the door and cautiously stepped out into the outdoors. He was covered from head to foot in toxic waste. My filthy little runt was happy as a pig in shit… Literally. He loved every minute of it. As we slowly walked away from the potties, the few people that was still around stayed their distance because of the stench, and didn’t flinch otherwise. Little did he know that his job wasn’t complete, as I desperately needed empty my very full bladder.

We walked just passed the tree line. I suddenly kicked his legs out from under him, and rolled him onto his stomach. He moaned with excitement once I told him that Mistress was going to use him as her potty now.

I tied Josh’s hands behind his back, and sat on the ground with my legs spread wide open. My pussy was so close to his face, that he could have licked me clean. I held his head up firmly by grabbing onto his hair, spreading my labia wide. I demanded that he opened his mouth, and to hold it open until I was finished. He kept moaning in anticipation of what was going to come flowing into his big mouth.

Josh was such a pathetic bastard, just lying there yearning for my urine to spurt out. Begging me to just let it go… And then it happened… My urine spat out with such force that it splashed against his face. As I kept peeing, I drove his face on my pussy harder and harder until I was finally relieved. My bladder had completely emptied all over his face. He was then totally satisfied…

I rocked my slave’s world that day. Who knows what the next meet will bring.


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