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Cock Whore (Petey Part 2)

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Before we begin with this miniscule piece of crap experience…

If you haven’t read about the first three sessions with this mongrel, CLICK HERE to read more about this loser!!!


Wednesday September 18th, 2013


Well, Petey the pathetic piglet and I meet again…

He talked about how he’s been a good little runt and how he had remained idle since our last session. There was a long pause until he admitted he had urges… Strong urges to be under my control. He wanted to be humiliated by me sooo badly. I smiled, and instructed him to get the first step done so we could begin another chapter in this marvelous game.

fifth-tribute-cock-whoreThis took a few minutes. I wasn’t sure if he had misunderstood me, or what the hell he was doing, but I finally got notice in my email that he paid tribute. When I seen this I instantly began to clap my hands and started laughing. I knew right then he was going to be my little cock whore. I had everything planned out, as to what I was going to get him to do. To be quite honest, I was thinking about this for a few days, anxiously waiting for Petey to pay for his next humiliating task. I gave him my instructions before I went outside to have my cigarette.

As I was outside, walking around smoking my cigarette, I kept thinking about how this session was going to turn out. I thought of approach; knowing full well I was going to burst out laughing at the sight I was going to see. I already had his permission to record the cam session, and this excited me.

I got back into the house, and seen he didn’t tell me he was ready to start. I messaged him, asking him what was taking so fucking long…

It appeared as though he disappeared. The fucking idiot paid me $100.00 to be humiliated on WebCam, and he didn’t even stick around…. Moron, much?? Oh, and to find out the next afternoon, his excuse was that he “fell asleep”… Really though, who does that?! Apparently this sack of shit does… No matter what his pathetic and utterly stupid excuses were, it didn’t matter at this point because it seemed as though he was wide awake, and ready to be humiliated. I gave him the instructions once again, went out for another cigarette to give him some time to get his shit together. These were his instructions….



Once he told me he was ready to begin the session the cam started rolling, and so did recording the session. It was strange not seeing him with any duct tape on his face. He was quite a good looking fellow… I smiled as I thought to myself “Poor bastard wasn’t going to be a looker for long.” He wouldn’t even speak until I told him to, which was quite impressive. The fucking weak pig knew his place!

Petey asked for permission to put his “make up” on. I watched him mark up his face using purple and orange markers, trying to look like the biggest whore. He wanted to look his best for me. He wanted to ensure his purpose of entertaining me was fulfilled.

He cued up the music which was a remix of various dance tunes. He was dancing around in his denim jean attire. Flashing his jacket about, he ripped it off in a flash while shaking his ass at the camera… He had some trouble taking off his shirt, because his gut was in the way and when he turned around he was shaking his cellulite. I came to realize that he should invest in a man bra, as those little things almost shook like mine does. I chuckled as he was rubbing his upper body.

Petey was really workin’ it for me, especially as he was slowly pulling down his pants over his hairy ass cheeks. He really needs to wax! I mean DAMN, you could see the hair popping out of his homemade cut-off underwear. His underwear was so worn and old; they didn’t even snug his balls at all. They sagged worse than his balls did for christsakes!! As he slid the cut up pair of bloomers over his ass, he started spanking himself; spreading his cheeks apart… Which by the way, almost made me spit out my coffee I had just made moments before the session began…

After stumbling over his pants for several seconds and shaking is jiggly goods, he went over towards his chair and pulled out this long dildo that had a very long handle on the end of it. He ran the cock all over his face and mouth and fell to his knees begging to suck on it.

The more I ordered him to beg, the louder his pleads became. Over and over he coaxed in this weak shriveled up voice while caressing the cock all over his face. As I listened in amusement, I thought he had the perfect lips to suck cock. They would definitely make a good seal. The way he was aggressively handlingly it over his chin, made me wonder if he has had any fantasies with being with another man… As soon as that thought rang out, I immediately gave permission. I wanted to see just how good of a cocksucker he actually was. He had his “make up” on, just like a fuckin dirty cock whore should, and I wanted to see him gag over the monstrosity of this dildo. It was fuckin’ huge! I think I deserved to witness such a pathetic event.

Petey ran the tip of the dildo over his spongy lips, as I threw out the command for him to start sucking “my cock”. He watched my face attentively as I had got off my chair, staring down at him like the fucking maggot he was; calling him down to the lowest. I shouted out for him to shove “my cock” down his throat. I wanted to hear him gag… I wanted to hear him retch hard enough that I could see him bring tears in his eyes.

petey-cock-whoreYou could hear a faint sound coming from his throat. His adams apple made sudden jerking movements. I looked straight into his eyes, close up… I told him I couldn’t hear the gagging, and strictly told him to deep throat the fucking cock, as I wanted to hear him strain; I wanted to hear sounds of the struggle! He dove his head down upon the cock which filled his big pathetic mouth, and stuffed it down his throat. The gagging was constant and repetitive. It made me think that perhaps he needed more practice with this… I thought if I got him to multi-task, it would help take his mind off of having his throat rammed full with cock…

I laughed while his was gagging violently; I got down and whispered… I explained he needed to start stroking his cock while he sucked hard on the other. He needed to show me how good of a cock whore he actually was. I know that he loves cock. He has to… The way he was able to deal with the dildo, and his puny penis; tells me that he’s been doing this for A LONG TIME! He’s a pro. An expert; if you will…

I could easily hear him wanking, gagging and moaning, all at the same time; which made me chuckle to myself. How fucking pathetic was this?! Baaahaaahhaaaa!!! I was throwing out my commands for him to keep shoving it down his gullet, and there came a knock on his door!!! I couldn’t fucking help but LAUGH!!! With his face painted up like some cock whore clown, a fuckin’ dildo, cut off underwear!!! Oh god, this was awesome!! I watched him walk over to the door to look through the peephole… He told the other person that he was taking a shit! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I knew he had his speakers turned up, so I could only imagine what the buddy heard and thought…

He sat back down in front of me with a huge smile. He had a little bit of a giggle. By this time I wasn’t laughing… Why isn’t he continuing his fucking job?! As I has sternly asked him this, he immediately went back to working his rod and sucking the cock. I snapped at him, telling to stop sucking and to start beating it on his petey-cock-slutmouth. I instructed him to moan louder and louder, as I knew his company was patiently waiting outside… I really wanted his sounds to be heard.


I noticed Petey’s cheeks were getting mighty red, and his eyes were watering quite badly now. It looked like the poor bastard was going to cry!! I stood there, mocking him; telling him what a pathetic fucking pig he was. A knock came to the door again for fucksakes! I ordered Petey to stay on task, or he wasn’t going to be able to touch himself for a fucking week!! More tears built up… He was just barely able to get out the question for permission to cum, before he was whimpering slightly; begging for permission. He was truly at my mercy. I told the weak sack of shit to hurry it up, and to lick clean the mess after he was done.


Petey licked his fingers clean one by one, before he took a couple in his mouth at a time. He really enjoyed having long things in his mouth. It was only more confirmation that he liked cocks. I told him to go deal with his company before they tore the door down…


It was only five minutes later when he came back online. He thanked me, and told me how badly he wanted to be fucked around by me, and how he wanted to worship my face…



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Petey The Pathetic Piglet

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Yet again, to no avail…
The pathetic pompous asses that lurk in the shadows of the internet think they can go unnoticed, without even the fresh aromatic scent of fear… THINK AGAIN YOU SWEATY POOLS OF STENCH!!

All I did was, sit in front of my computer… drink my delightful cup of coffee, while checking my email. I couldn’t help but notice a slight smell… It wasn’t coming from any direction really, and I did shower… So I knew it wasn’t coming from me… But then I notice the smell was coming from my laptop.

This musty, moldy smell was like rotted cottage cheese, sitting in the attic…It became stronger and stronger, then finally the speck of penicillin popped up on my Yahoo.

The name was Petey.

After the pathetic pleading and the right exchanges were made. I seen his picture… I knew THAT was where the smell was coming from. HE was the root of this stench, as he admitted to me it was over a week and a half since he last showered and he explained he loved being dirty. He enjoyed sitting in his own filth, and muck……..

This is where the Financial Domme/Slave relationship began.

It’s kinda like… You know… When you finally get the chance to say the things you have held back all your life, and you’re grabbing at the opportunity to bring forth the wrath; making it fall down upon him; just to make yourself feel better?? I suppose it would be like projectile vomit coming out of your mouth and nose hitting the floor violently, or perhaps the diarrhea that is slowly running down your leg, building up unbearable pressure behind your rectum; forcefully splashing the water as it hits the toilet…

Ya… THAT kind of relationship!

Read below for our first 3 sessions. Subsequent sessions are linked to at the end of this post. Enjoy maggots!!



August 26th, 2013


Petey, the worthless scum bag contacted me on Yahoo…He begged me desperately to humiliate him, and he wanted to be my pathetic little pig. The more we chatted, the more I got to know about his fetishes. He told me that he loved dominating, sassy, greedy Mistresses, and exclaimed he want to be my stupid loser pig.

Immediately I went to work. His begging was quite frankly getting on my nerves, and I was in the mood to test this fucking pig! I quickly advised him to prove his worth with a tribute. I provided all information to do so. He did not hesitate!


When I first seen this amount I was disappointed, as I thought my time was worth more than this… However I was in the mood to really fucking play with this moron… Plus… You never know how it could work out… Right?

I assigned him his first task.

It was a simple one, as he was to tape his big mouth shut tightly, with my name written on his worthless face! This pompus ass agreed to have his pictures on my site, as long as I could pretty him up like a little bitch! Once I seen the picture I dubbed him as Petey The Pathetic Piglet.


Loading the player …

Click the play button above to hear my piggy grunt and squeal now!

Just by looking at this picture, you fuck ups would even have to agree that he is a FUCKING STUPID RUNT!!! Look at it!! His fucking nostrils are large enough to inhale you!! He’d be able to smell anything from ten miles away for fucksakes!!

The fucking loser is such a greenhorn, that he didn’t ask my permission to take the tape off… Inconsiderate fuckin’ bastard! What kind of moronic slave does that anyway? The slaves should automatically know these fucking things, shouldn’t they?? UGH!!! So, due to his incompetence, and ignorance I made him video himself being on all fours squealling like a fucking pig! He was quick to get to the task. Once I got the video, I honestly thought it was of a fucking pig dying for crying out loud! I’ll try to put little clip bits on here later… But trust me… IT’S HORRIBLY BAD to the point of which I couldn’t stop listening and laughing.

I ended the session shortly thereafter, as it was getting late, and I had to get up the next morning early. I advised him that I would have another assignment for him the next night. Advised him to follow me on Twitter as well…


August 27th, 2013

second-tribute-peteyWhen I signed on to Yahoo, I seen he had sent me a message offline, begging for more and more and more… I smiled to myself thinking he’d have to pay another tribute, and do more assignments. We talked for a short period of time much later in the evening, and to my surprise he didn’t follow me on Twitter… FUCKTARD!!! C’mon now idiot! Get with the fucking program!! (Speaking of which… I need to check that again…) This did not impress me, so I made him pay tribute before going any further.


I noticed the wench had a hairy chest, so I ordered him to duct tape his chest all up, and to leave it like that for a while because the body heat would make the tape adhere much better to the hair… I commanded him to take a picture of this and send it to me, as I need proof of him performing the tasks ordered.














Once I recieved this I let him stay in it for a while. The he was to video the removal of this fine, stick duct tape. He sent it to me, and while I viewed it, I laughed really fuckin hard because he was SQUEELING like a pig again!! OH MY GOD!!! I mean really??!! It was so loud, it’s a wonder that his neighbours didn’t hear him! Here’s a screenshot of the video…. Baaahahahaaaa!!



He begged for the chance to cum… But I told him to get my permission would cost him more dollars… I had plans for him the next night (28th) which would require some play anyway… I told him to tape up is puny prick so there would be no chance of him wanking on it through the night.

petey-pigs-puny-prickHe was to leave this on until our next session the next night (24hrs). I allowed him a hole to piss through. The other assignment given was he was to write a journal entry…





August 28th, 2013

These were his thoughts :


Hi Mistress Bella

Hope to find you well. I am writing you this letter upon your request. I am your bitch loser aka Petey the pig. All I thought about at work today was how will she humiliate me tonight. I know it’s gonna be good but I still sweat with anticipation. I’m hoping I can please you tonight as I think it would help my chances of being allowed to cum.
My dick has been on a puppet string lately attached to you. It comes up at your every command Mistress Bella. It gets so hard when I’m taking pictures of my loser self it hurts. I want my mind to give in to your every whim. I wanna dream about humiliating myself for you Mistress Bella.
I Live only to serve you Mistress Bella. I wish to be your weakest dirtiest most pathetic little squeeling runt please I beg you. I’m lower than scum.please treat me for what I am please Mistress Bella. I wanna be your weak little runt.


Later on that night, he was ordered to send a picture confirming the duct tape was still intact, and I commanded him to stuff the sock that he wore at work all day, in his mouth and to tape it shut. The main assignment was a timing game. He had 4 minutes (length of clip) to cum, from start to finish. He seemed to be up for the challenge…
He paid the tribute which included a 4 minute foot domination POV clip, a WebCam session, and regular payment.


thrid-tribute-peteyHe sent the pictures before we began, and shoved the sock into his big flapping mouth. The way he had the duct tape on his face was fucking ridiculous, but I suppose it did the trick… It made him look like the bastard he really is…
The Cam session started with him removing the duct tape he applied to his shrivelled up cock… Keep in mind the loser kept it on there for OVER 24hrs! It was really difficult for him to get off… And to my surprise, he had taped it up good, with LOTS of tape. I was shocked to see he was able to put that much tape on his pathetically sized pippy!!
Once the duct tape was FINALLY off, I reminded him that he only had from the time the clip started until it ended to jerk himself off (4 minutes). I wanted him to obey anything that was said in the clip. If it required him to lick my feet, I expected him to strain, then nuzzle up to the screen, as he had a sock stuffed and taped in his yap.
Petey The Pathetic Piglet took this mission in great stride. I could hear my dominating voice in the clip, and I could hear him wanking on his miniscule fucking prick with all his might. He kept looking back and forth, from the clip to my face watching his every move, while I laughed and clapped my hands. The sight before my eyes was quite humerous and entertaining to say the least, but next thing he knew the clip was over and to no avail… HE FAILED HIS MISSION!!! That’s pathetic…


I can easily masturbate SUCCESSFULLY within that time frame NO PROBLEM. When I spank it in public, it only take me 30 fuckin’ seconds for cryin’ out loud!!! FUCK!!!
The fucking stupid loser proceeds to turn the camera directly to his dick, and had the NERVE to continue spanking it!! I immediately haulted any more movement from him at all! He did as he was commanded, and started to beg and plead for my permission to blow his scum load…




The sorry dumbass pulled on his cock like he never did before. I ordered him to watch my clip again with the SAME TIME LIMIT!!
He kept thanking me over and over again…
I finally had enough and ordered him to take the sock out of his mouth, as he had it stuffed in there for over 2 hours… He slowly took the bottom piece of duct tape away from his mouth, and started pulling it out. Inch by inch, the sock kept coming… How long was this fucking sock!! The moron had a sick smile on his face that made me just want to vomit all over my laptop… Ewweeee!!!


Click on the video to watch a short excerpt of him being my sock slave…
Loading the player…

If you’re looking for a greedy bitch I will GLADLY RAPE YOUR WALLET!!

CLICK HERE to read all about the next session I had with this runt! It’s FUCKIN’ hilarious!!

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