Pay Tribute & Gift List

Before I start giving instructions, which a toddler can easily understand; I need to make myself abundantly clear on one thing….

You MUST pay Tribute, or provide me with a gift from the list below after initial correspondence has begun. If not, then it’s the end of the road for you!


If YOU are a TIME WASTER, then I have NO TIME for you lifeless scum. YOU are truly the pathetic bastards other bossy bitches are trying to avoid. I have no tolerance for fucking around with the likes of you!!

I have better things to do with my time then be twittling my thumbs and scratching my ass, waiting for NOTHING to happen!! Go suck someone elses asscheeks morons!!


Alrighty then…

Since I have that said and done, I shall move on to a topic that is of more importance to me….. MONEY!!!

I prefer to be paid in CASH to my Po Box, through EMT (Electronic Money Transfer – Just in case you idiots didn’t know what EMT stood for), and if you mongrels haven’t noticed the bright blue and white widget on the right hand side of the page; you can click “PitchIn” and make your donation that way…


If those choices aren’t an option for you, then I suppose I could except Amazon Giftcards, or sandals…. I LOVE wearing Sandals, and I enjoy making clips with them….

You may also get some ideas by clicking on the About Me…. page, as you could get a hint of what my likes and dislikes. That is if you can figure anything out

Those are your options trolls!!!

This list may change according to my mood minions, so you may want to check it regularly; but one thing is for certain….


Contact information will only be given to the poor bastards who are successful applicants.

Try making yourself of some use to me NOW by voting for my site through the links here!

AND buy a PTV message with tasks called “So, you want to be my pig…” via the button below: