Slave Games Rewards

I like to reward my slaves for following my orders and being good little piggies. So, I’ve created this page as a fun games place where you get rewarded with free stuff for doing well, or punished as I see fit. Contests and challenges will be changed now and then, so check back often, runt!

Current prize is: One FREE bonus video clip or credit towards a 2nd item!

Rules: Order anything from my clip store videos listed here and you can “buy” a 2nd one using the coins collected in the game. For example, if you collect 400 coins then that equals $4.00, so you can get ANY clip up to a $4.00 value at no extra charge! The 2nd clip must be of equal or lesser value of the 1st one and you must let me know your username used in the game when you submit your score, as well as the 2nd clip request title (send your request via the form here).

YOU MUST EARN NO LESS THAN 200 COINS PER PLAY, as I’m NOT going to track any useless turd that cannot seem to go beyond that point.


How to play the game: You are my Money Pig and must use the arrow keys to move back and forth collecting coins for me. Remember that every coin collected earns you 1 cent toward buying my clips and items here so play to WIN my attention!!

Remember runts, I won’t look at any plays that are under 200 coins. When you are going to cash in your stash, be sure to state that in the heading to avoid confusion…

Choose either one of the 2 money piggie games below…
Wait for the game to load and then click “Play Game” to begin:

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Good luck, piggy and do NOT disappoint me!!

Mistress Bella