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Marriage In The Pooper

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RipTimothyTimothy and Patricia had married at the young age of twenty. Now being married for fifteen years and having no children, they can barely stand being next to one another, as they argue and bicker consistently. Neither of them wants this marriage to work. Both are totally detached from one another…

Timothy is currently unemployed and presently not looking for work. He has lost all ambition to save their marriage. Patricia just views him as a bum and wants him gone out of her life. She doesn’t even care if he exists… And he knows it. He just wants her around to fuck, but she won’t even give him the time of day, hasn’t in a few years. Not even a quick tug!

Patricia had always had a dominant side, however felt as though she couldn’t bring it upon herself to express it the way she wished. She would often get horny while daydreaming at work about having total control over someone. To be able to treat a person like nothing, turning them into her whipping boy; making them lay down just to take whatever she brought to the table…. Doing unforeseeable things to them… These thoughts would make her very excited. Sometimes so wet that she would go to the office washroom to rub herself under the sexy black miniskirts she would wear every day.

Patricia is a successful editor for a mistress magazine, and has no interest in her husband. She is a slender 5’9 with long wavy dirty blonde hair. Her uniform is a snug white button up blouse, black miniskirt with black pumps. Wearing no panties makes her feel sexy, especially when she wears thigh high stockings, as it allows her easy access to play with herself while sitting at her desk.

Approximately two years ago, Patricia had met a fellow named Todd through the mistress magazine. She had interviewed him several times, as he was a “slave” in several of the magazines stories, which he had written himself. He had intrigued her. She wanted to get to know this slave inside and out to find out if he was really the character he wrote about. She thought he was the man she wanted to demean and control, while he would lie down and take it.

Todd was very attracted to Patricia. He looked forward to every interview, as she would sit in the chair across from him. His eyes would roam freely as she spoke, noticing every move her body made.

How Patricia’s soft, plump lips would form every word. How her tight white blouse would be unbuttoned showing off her beautiful C cup breasts, while watching her chest lift at every breath. The miniskirt would always be short enough to notice she was wearing thigh highs, and the way her hands would rub her legs as she was asking questions, drove him crazy. He had even seen she wasn’t wearing any panties because as she would change the position of her legs, she would purposely pause a moment so he could see a tiny bit of her pussy before she crossed them again. Todd loved her shiny, four inched heeled black pumps, and how she would slowly dangle them off her toes. She enjoyed having him lust over her.

Todd knew that her sexual body language was definitely intentional. She wanted to go beyond a professional relationship at each interview, as she always displayed the same erotic behavior.

Before each interview Todd felt it necessary to relief himself, because the anticipation had been too overwhelming for him, however he’d find his cock getting rock hard as he’d let his eyes roam over her during and after the discussion. He’d usually try to hide his erection, but decided not to bother on the last interview, which was approximately a year ago…

Patricia was hot and horny that morning, as she knew she was going to be interviewing Todd later on that afternoon. She wore her typical dress uniform, with her thigh highs and made sure she didn’t wear any panties. She constantly wanted him to notice her freshly trimmed pussy as she crossed her legs. She decided to wear her blonde hair up for a change, showing off her long smooth neck.

Once Patricia got to work that morning she immediately started her tasks of the day, but as the day went on, she had a very hard time focusing on what was in front of her to do. How she longed for Todd. Wanting him to be her slave, to do whatever she wanted with him. Wondering what it would feel like to have that kind of control, as she had no boundaries with in herself of what her actions could bring forth upon him. The more she thought, the hornier she got…

The interview was set for 4pm. It was 3pm, and Patricia was so horny she couldn’t stop herself. She started reading past interviews with Todd, while slowly playing with herself at her desk. The blinds were wide open, but she didn’t care. The employees on the other side of the window were completely oblivious to what was going on in her office. She needed to get back on track before the interview began.

Patricia had her one leg on the chair while the other was propped on one of the drawers of her desk. She enjoyed the feel of her freshly trimmed wet pussy, as she rubbed and fingered herself. Her hips moved like they were dancing to slow music. The soft little moans she made as she bit, and sucked the fingers on her other hand. She came over and over again until she felt she could concentrate… But it didn’t last long…

Todd was a couple minutes late for his interview, arriving at 4:15pm instead of 4pm. As he sat down in the chair across from Patricia, she asked about his tardiness. He blamed it on the traffic, but he was actually pleasuring himself in the parking lot before entering the building. He felt he had to before each meet with her because the excitement was too much to bear.

As Patricia and Todd got into the interview, the body language from the both of them was easy to see. As he was glaring over her body while she spoke, and observing the way she was carrying herself, his dick grew harder and harder. She noticed his package growing, and she was surprised that he wasn’t trying to hide it. This made him more enticing to her. She was showing off her cleavage, caressing her bare neck and chest with her fingers. Rubbing her sexy long legs with her hands while repositioning them, briefly showing off her wet pussy for him to see. He loved the end of the interview, as she was dangling those pumps with her succulent feet.

Todd drooled over the way Patricia slowly placed her foot back into her shoe at the end of the interview. The arches of her feet were splendid. As she got up from her chair, the view of her breasts was superb. He just wanted to cup them with his hands. He had the sudden urge to lift her skirt up slightly so he could see more of her black thigh highs and her nice bare ass, however had to refrain from those actions because he knew that she was married.

As they walked off the set, they decided to get a coffee. Neither of them knew what to say, as they were both horny as hell for one another, and was unsure of how to deal with this attraction… Todd still had a noticeable hard on, and Patricia’s clit was throbbing as she kept looking at it.

They grabbed a seat and started with small talk. Patricia told him that she was in a loveless marriage, and didn’t care if he was around or not. She wanted to find someone that better fitted her needs. He said he was single and wasn’t looking for anything serious; he just wanted to have fun while being dragged through the mud.

Patricia began to graze her shoeless, stocking covered foot up against his leg, and had confessed to Todd how badly she wanted to have the experience of being in control. To have a slave to use and abuse for her pleasure was her fantasy. She explained how mesmerized she became over the stories he had written about his experiences as a slave to someone else, and how he loved being under someone else’s commands. Wondering how true these stories were….

Todd assured Patricia the stories were in fact true, and he became very curious as to how far she was willing to go with these fantasies of hers, as he had some of his own that he wanted to fulfill. He had discussed with her how excited she made him… How he couldn’t help this overpowering desire to have her control him, walk all over him, figuratively and literally…

The both of them felt very comfortable with one another. It was like they had known one another for many years. They had become compatible in more ways than they had imagined. They both left the set and went to their homes. They exchanged phone numbers prior to leaving.

Later on that evening, Patricia couldn’t resist calling Todd. She was horny and wanted to chat. As she was lying naked in bed, she picked up the phone and dialed his number. As the phone was ringing she automatically began rubbing herself, and pinching her nipples while anticipating hearing his voice. He didn’t sound surprised when he answered, but he did seem pleased. He told her right away how horny he was for her, and how he wanted to her to demean him. He noticed her heavy breathing as he talked, and realized that she was playing with that nice sweet pussy he saw earlier that day.

His cock was raging hard. Throbbing over the thought of Patricia masturbating; rubbing and fingering her moist pussy. He couldn’t help himself wrapping his hand around his dick. He started describing what he wanted her to do to him. He confessed he wanted her to trample all over him with her uniform on in those heels, slowly squatting down onto his face….

Hearing his voice drove Patricia nuts. Todd’s description got her at her peek. She started cumming repeatedly when he told her he wanted her to piss all over him once she squatted down on his face. He wanted to feel her hot flowing yellow stream splash against his skin… He said that was the ultimate way to demean him… To use him as a toilet… Todd came instantly by the thought of her pissing all over his face into his mouth. Patricia realized that she had found her match. She was finally satisfied. They both agreed they had to meet so they both could act upon these fantasies together.

A week later they agreed they would meet at a small private park outside of town. It was almost dusk as they stood there leaning against their cars. There was nothing around them but trees and the animals that lived there. Cars in the distance were driving by them, but couldn’t see.

Patricia in her uniform, and Todd dressed in jeans and a dress shirt stared at each other, gauging one another’s movements and body language. Todd took the initiative and walked toward her. Patricia stopped him by pushing him back against his car with her foot below his sternum. She held him there for a few minutes in silence getting a feel of the situation. She liked this, as she was finally the dominant one.

Patricia pressed her foot hard against him. She made him wince as she put most of the pressure on him with her heel. She smiled as she could see he was bulging out of his pants. She ordered him to get on his back, flat on the ground. Once he was in position, she stepped up on his stomach and began to work those heels on him like she was kneading dough with them.

Patricia demanded Todd to start stroking his hard cock; he barely managed to pull his dick out of his pants while she kneaded his stomach and chest like bread dough. His cock was throbbing so hard it was painful. She stepped off him. She had his head in between her wide stance as she stood above him looking down. He could see how nicely trimmed her dripping pussy was. As she was looking down at him, she lifted up her skirt slightly, and squatted down very little. Todd went to touch her, but she batted his hands away harshly and advised him he will not touch her unless she commands him to. She began moaning and moving her hips as she touched herself. The more she came the lower her squat became… Her pussy had finally landed right on Todd’s face as she was about to cum one last time. Her fingers were moving rapidly in and out of herself, as she rubbed her breasts hard, she spread her labia as she rubbed her clit.

It started off as a trickle. Little drops falling on Todd’s chin. Then the flowing stream drenched down upon his face. He came as he swallowed her yellow juice. He held onto her legs, as she was crouched over grasping his hair with her hands. They spasmed as they came at the same time. This was an awesome experience for the both of them… They arranged for more meetings after this one.

Over the next few months their sexual relationship became stronger. Patricia took great pleasure in having Todd being her toilet. She especially enjoyed shitting over him like a fucking maggot. This she took great pride in, like a wolf marking his territory, this is what she felt.

Patricia also expressed to Todd her increasing hatred toward her husband Timothy. She couldn’t stand him and wanted him gone out of her life for good, as all he would ask her for is sex; he was such a lazy good for nothing little shit. Insulting her at every turn…. She can’t stand it anymore….

Todd sat there and was quiet for a moment, pondering over the idea, and then laid out a plan for Patricia to see what she thought…

Todd always wanted to have the experience of having a threesome including himself, another man, and a woman. He admitted to Patricia that he wanted to know what it would feel like to be dominant or at least be told what to do toward another man. Even though he wasn’t homosexual, he still wanted to have that experience, he was curious…. He wanted it to be with Patricia and her husband…

Together they made a plan….

As Patricia was on her way home the thought about the discussion she and Todd had laid out. This event was going to happen approximately three weeks from now. It disgusted her that she had to show a sudden sexual interest in her husband in order for this to work. She pondered about it all evening. How was she going to implement this without Timothy becoming suspicious? How was she even going to be able to stomach the acts of anything sexual with her husband? The thought nearly made her vomit.

The next evening Patricia got home from work and had to make her own supper because Timothy was too fucking lazy to prepare anything; which was the usual occurrence… She asked her husband to come out to the kitchen, and then demanded it when he chose to ignore her request.

Timothy stomped into the room like a toddler about to throw a tantrum. Patricia grabbed him by the scuff of the neck, and kicked him down on the floor, commanding him to stay there while she finished her business. He was shocked, and scared of this new found presence that was in his house. He was frightened by the heightened hostility. He just laid there… Hoping she’d just walk away…

Patricia tore off his pants like it was a feather on a rock, and sucked his cock until it was a throbbing hard three inches. She stood up, and then sat right down on his dick, rocking her hips back and forth… Just when Timothy was about to blow his load inside her, she stood up again… But this time she squatted down, hovered her pussy over his penis, spread her labia wide, and then pissed all over him while she was jerking him off until he came. Her piss flew everywhere over him, and over her hands. She came at the thought of how much this act would have humiliated him…. As any asshole should be.

As Patricia stood over Timothy with her black pumps pressing on his neck, she told him that their marriage was done, and she wanted a divorce… She advised him, he could have sex with her on one condition… She wanted to have a threesome three weeks from now, and she knew the other man she wanted to fuck right in front of his eyes. She told him she wanted him to see what a real dick should look like and know how it could pleasure her, unlike his useless pitiful sight of what he calls a cock. Then she left the kitchen to go have a shower.

Timothy was stunned… He didn’t know what to think. What the fuck just happened here? She wants to have a threesome with a fuckin’ dude? He wasn’t sure about any of this….

The next morning Timothy opened his eyes to see his wife lying beside him. He thought he’d test her proposition… He took his hand and ran it down over her bare naked ass.

She laid there awake waiting for him to make his move… She felt his hand squeezing her ass firmly. Turning slowly on her other side, she realized her dominant side had taken over her completely. Being unable to control it, she quickly grabbed for his throat holding him down, she begins to ride him like a horse gone wild. She fucked him while humiliating him, holding him down… Calling him a no good for nothing bastard, telling him he was a piece of shit, saying that he wasn’t worth anything at all. Then when he was about to cum, she stopped… She stood up and walked into the bathroom. Timothy was frustrated by this until she turned and told him to follow her.

As he entered the bathroom, he seen her standing there still naked pointing toward the floor in front of the toilet… Timothy was confused; he wasn’t sure what Patricia wanted of him. She sternly told him to get on all fours with his head above the toilet, like he was going to vomit. He was timid of her at this point. Almost quivering with fear, but did what she requested.

Patricias toiletHis head hung above the toilet. He was naked. His bare ass was facing Patricia. As she slowly approached him she took her long sharp nails and scratched his buttocks so hard, they bled. Timothy winced, but held it together as she then sat down on the back of his head. All of her weight was on him as she drove his head completely in the toilet. She let out a little bit of stench. He could feel her flatulence slightly on the back of his head.  She pissed all over the back of his head and neck. It dripped off his nose and chin before it landed in the toilet.

Timothy was horrified over this, but yet he was turned on. He wasn’t quite sure how to deal with the feelings he was having about this change…. As he got up he realized he came, as he seen his ejaculate was all over the floor.

A couple weeks had gone by. Patricia was still making Timothy her bitch. As it turned out he loved being demeaned. She would always use him as a toilet in some way. She took great pride in treating him like the useless shit he was.

How she hated his guts… She couldn’t wait for the next night to come, as that’s when their plan would finally be implemented. That’s when she’d finally be free from her bastard husband once and for all.

Patricia and Todd still met up three times a week. She was exhausted, trying to keep up with two slaves that both enjoyed being her toilet, being humiliated, demeaned, etc. But she kept thinking about Todd as she laid in bed, and how she thoroughly enjoyed the encounter she had with him earlier that day….

They had met up at a museum that afternoon. Todd was checking out the display of antique cars as he heard the sound of Patricia’s heels slowly coming closer behind him. Standing there with his back to her, she reached up, running her hands through his hair. She aggressively snapped his head back, with a hand full of hair in her hand. Todd tried looking down but couldn’t move his head. She had a grip on him, and she wasn’t letting go. Patricia looked around and seen there were a few people around them, but they were too busy looking at the displays. She opened the door of the red 1942 Ford Coupe, and drove him in the back seat.

The smell of the beige leather seats was strong but inviting. Todd loved antique cars, as he’s owned a couple of them himself over the years. He was looking out the opened door at Patricia with her hair down the middle of her back and loved what she was wearing. Usually she wore her usual dress uniform, but instead she was wearing a snug red top that draped over her left shoulder, showing the matching red bra that was underneath. The white flowing miniskirt was sexy, as he could barely see the beginning of her bare ass. She decided not to wear her thigh highs, or her panties, showing off those beautiful long legs. The four inch heeled red pumps looked fantastic on her succulent feet.

Patricia noticing Todd drooling over her while she stood, lifted her skirt up and began playing with herself right there in the museum. She crawled in the Coupe, but leaned against the back of the front seat which was folded down. Pressing her red 4 inch heels into his sternum and stomach, she continued to play with herself. As people walked past them, they were getting hot and steamy in the beautiful antique car. She took his hard cock out of his pants, turned back to him, and began fucking him so hard that the car was rocking and making noises, beginning to get the attention of the public. Just as he was about to cum, she got up and turned toward him… Stared at him for a second, and then spit on his face violently, called him a fucking maggot. She leaned back against the front seat again; spread her legs and labia wide. She let the piss flow all over his clothed body. Todd and the backseat was soaked in urine. He came immediately after the force was over him.

People just stared as they crawled out of the red 1942 Ford Coupe. Todd was drenched in her yellow juices. They both looked forward to the next night, as that would be the time for the threesome…. The end of Timothy…. And the continuation of Todd and Patricia could go on without any complications….

Timothy had woke up the next morning to Patricia looking down at him softly, calling his name. She was reminding him that tonight was the night of the threesome. She had looked quite excited. Deep down Timothy was very uncomfortable with the thought of being with another man…. Patricia had gleefully got dressed and headed off to work. He saw how she pranced her way to the car…. She had such a great day.

The three of them were to meet at a private park outside of town for coffee at 7pm. Timothy had picked Patricia up from work at 630pm to meet Todd. Patricia was nervous, but excited over tonight being the beginning of the end.

Todd was already there waiting for the two of them with coffee in hand. Patricia had introduced Timothy to Todd, then sat down and began to get acquainted with one another. This was a hard pill for Timothy to swallow, as now; more than ever before; he knew that his marriage of fifteen years was no longer. He scanned over Todd thinking how masculine he looked. He was a fit forty year old with short black hair, but long enough you could grab on it easily. He kept his facial hair trimmed close to his face; just enough to say that he had a beard though not enough to run your hands through it. It was becoming on Todd. He kept himself tended to. This didn’t surprise Timothy that this was going to be the man he had lost his wife to.

They arrived at the hotel shortly after 830pm. Patricia didn’t waste any time as she started on both Timothy and Todd. She dominated both of them with ease as their willingness was so simple to manipulate.

She stripped off Todd first, taking her time enjoying this moment. How she felt for Todd. His body was fit and firm, and he was such a damn good slave to her. She was his queen… He was her property. She gently ran her hands over Todd’s face, whispering in his ear that it would all be over soon, and instructed him to get down on all fours like the dog he was. She had him attached to the bed by the neck, and his hands tied behind his back, so he could watch what happened next.

Patricia immediately started taking her aggression out on Timothy. She had kicked his balls in fiercely while pulling his head down by her crotch with his hair. He had tears streaming down his face as he was on his knees looking up at her evil expression. The look on Patricia’s face as she was staring down at him was beyond determination… She was malicious, and had the revolting look of disgust, not just on her face, but in her eyes. This scared Timothy, as he became uncertain of how this night was going to turn out in his favor.

Todd was surprised over Patricia’s wrath that rained over Timothy. He was still on all fours panting like a dog as he watched. He was mesmerized, and astonished with the way she was carrying herself. How he had fallen in love with her. Her dominancy was so attractive making him hornier than ever before. He longed for her every minute of every day, and wanted to be under her command always.

Patricia had Timothy begging for mercy as she trampled over his body with her black four inch heeled pumps. She squatted over his head and pissed down his throat as she had his nose pinched closed. He had no other choice but to swallow, and he aspirated some of the urine as it gushed out of her. Before she stood, Patricia held his head by the hair, and spit directly onto his face. She dragged him up on his feet, stripped him naked and ordered him on the bed.

Timothy was sobbing. He knew he had no control over her or himself. Oddly enough he was enjoying this in some way. His dick was hard, even with his fear. She pulled his head over the bed as she untied Todd and led him over toward Timothy. She continued to have Todd’s hands tied behind his back.

Patricia crawled on top of Timothy, sitting on his hard cock, rocking her hips back and forth making him squeal with excitement. She demanded Todd to bring his cock closer to Timothy’s mouth. She commanded her husband to open his mouth to let Todd’s cock in. He refused her demands. This infuriated her, as she took her long nails and scraped his torso until blood was drawn, then twisted his nipples until he surrendered and opened his mouth.

Todd slid his soft penis inside his cavernous hole, and Patricia stopped fucking Timothy’s pathetic puny cock just about when he was about to blow his load, leaving him blue balled. She repositioned her ass on Timothy’s chest still grinding her sexy hips. Her eyes were intense as she contemplated her next move.

Straddling Timothy’s torso, Patricia grazed her nails over Todd’s chest and stomach while sucking on his nipples. His soft dick was getting a bit harder now, slowly filling Timothy’s mouth. As she kept nibbling and sucking his nipples, she placed both her hands on Todd’s waist bringing him in closer so it would drive his member further into Timothy’s mouth.

Timothy would wince every time Todd’s dick pulsated in his mouth. Patricia told the fucking prick to shut up and to take it like the little bitch he was. This made Todd get harder and harder, filling Timothy’s mouth more and more. Patricia requested Todd to begin fucking Timothy’s mouth slowly, just like it was a pussy. She lifted her heel up forcing it into Todd’s mouth, moving it in and out as he sucked and licked it all over. She was impressed over his multitasking skills, as he didn’t miss a beat.

Todd loved every minute of this. He wanted to keep fucking Timothy’s mouth until he choked to his death. Patricia removed her heel from Todd’s mouth and grabbed his waist drawing him deep inside Timothy’s throat, making him gag violently. Paying no attention to Timothy’s distress, she whispered in Todd’s ear “I’m not going to let you pull your raging cock out until you piss down his throat. If he’s still alive, you’re going to shit down it too!”

It took Todd several attempts to force the urine out of his penis, as it was so fucking hard. It was like working pudding through a plugged straw. When it did blow its way through, it came out in forceful spurts. Timothy gagged and aspirated over and over again. He kept trying to cough, but couldn’t as Todd’s dick was plugging his airway.

“What a good little slave I have.” Patricia said as Todd finished. “Now you have to put your shit down his throat, since the fucker is still alive.”

Todd took his hard dick out of Timothy’s mouth and turned around. He spread his ass cheeks and pressed his asshole up against his mouth hard. Todd felt his bowels about to move as he felt Timothy’s body jerking. Patricia had Timothy’s nose pinched so he couldn’t breathe. She instructed Todd to start stroking his cock hard as his shit poured down Timothy’s throat.

With Patricia pinching Timothy’s nose closed, she pleasured herself with her other hand; while Todd was stroking his member harder and faster. The both of them was cumming at the same time. She squirted all over Timothy’s neck, and Todd’s massive load flew everywhere over the floor. Timothy’s body was seizing trying to gasp for air that wasn’t going to make its way through. She kept holding his nose until the inevitable happened…. Death….

Todd and Patricia held each other as this was an accomplishment to them. Now they could finally be together as Mistress, and Slave!


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