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I’m Back Bitches!

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For the longest time I have yearned to be back on the saddle of Financial Domination, and now here I am. Back with a vengeance.

Over the last couple of days, I have been clearing through thousands of emails from not just notifications, but from all of you sap sucking money slaves hoping to catch a break from your pathetic little lives. Unfortunately, due to my absence, they had gone unanswered and unseen for many many months.

For those who have written me by either applying or being owned by me at the time, I have FINALLY written you back, not all of you… yet. I appreciate the emails from peasants who have asked about my well-being, and just so you know, I’m fine.

I had family sickness, and had to care for two important family members, and thanks to team work, my Grandfather was able to die at home peacefully from a battle with cancer, and my Grandmother still needs assistance but she’s holding her own.

Now… to get on with things…
I’m slowly getting back into FinDom by clearing through many emails, logging into my Mistress Bella accounts to blow the dust off of them, and get things up and running again.

I have many stories that need to be updated. Ones from before I took leave, and believe me… they’ll be worth the wait.

There are also a couple of NEW PROJECTS I’m taking on. I am starting another website (name to be announced later) for the ass wipes who want to be part of a membership to see me LIVE on WEBCAM!!! Also, I’m going to be the main fetish model for, which will also have video content from not just myself, but a couple of others we had bought the license to.


Stay tuned motherfuckers. It’s going to be a ride and a half. I look forward to reading future slave applications and I will continue to relish in the money slaves I already have.

Don’t be a fucking pussy!



Discipline From A Male Findom Or Couple

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Ok, listen up, you pathetic sacks of shit! My partner, “Big Daddy”, is a male findom with many years dominating sick, little man pigs and we’ve agreed to team up as a power couple for those of you looking for twice the abuse, or he can go solo on you, if that’s your financial domination weakness.

Why is he called “Big Daddy”, you curious crackheads ask? Haha! Because while I’m very dominant with my low life, lousy slaves; he is MY DADDY in the bedroom. We talk, laugh and chuckle over the feeble and pitiful little runts while he shows me what a real man is like in the bedroom. Having glorious sex laughing, knowing our stupid little fucks aren’t permitted to even touch themselves, is satisfying; which is something you would never be able to do because your fucking dick is only the size of a pimple. As for the rest of you… Truly gross and undesirable… Makes us both want to vomit.

We both get off on what we do, and love to humiliate them behind closed doors and out in public; talking about them amongst our friends. You are strictly OUR entertainment and nothing else. Being dominated either by me, by “Daddy”, or by the both of us could prove to be a challenge for you.

Either way, you’re going to suffer, physically, psychologically and financially, and neither of us will ever feel sorry for you. I’ll leave the rest of this post to be written by “Daddy” himself…


Further to what Bella has already stated, I am a man in my late 40’s who enjoys making other men do humiliating tasks and draining their wallet for my own pleasure. I have been doing this for years and have often enjoyed watching the pathetic subs that Mistress Bella commands on cam.

My favorite to watch so far has been the wretched bastard known to us as “Nigel” (he knows who he is). Seeing him lick the toilet bowl clean or soiling his diaper was great fun (well, for us, at least. Not sure about him, and don’t care, really).

I also enjoyed hearing Petey squeal (yes, I was there too. I wonder if he knew that? Oh well). Some of you sissy bitches are entertaining while others aren’t worth the garbage I drag to the curb.

Are you going to play dressup for me? You BETTER make it worth my while! I don’t care if you’re gay or heterosexual…you’re going to do what you’re told!!

So, here we are. If you want to be dominated and have your money and mind controlled by an experienced findom (male or female or couple), then go to the “Apply” page here and get the ball rolling. Can you follow instructions?? We’ll see…

GO. Now.

Cock Whore (Petey Part 2)

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Before we begin with this miniscule piece of crap experience… If you haven’t read about the first three sessions with this mongrel, CLICK HERE to read more about this loser!!! ************************************************************************ Wednesday September 18th, 2013   Well, Petey the pathetic piglet and I meet again… He talked about how he’s been a good little runt […]

Petey The Pathetic Piglet

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Yet again, to no avail… The pathetic pompous asses that lurk in the shadows of the internet think they can go unnoticed, without even the fresh aromatic scent of fear… THINK AGAIN YOU SWEATY POOLS OF STENCH!! All I did was, sit in front of my computer… drink my delightful cup of coffee, while checking […]

Consensual Blackmail Terms

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Consensual Blackmail is something you pigs should not take lightly, as you WILL be SIGNING A CONTRACT making me the BOSS, leaving you as MY PRISONER to do whatever I please, whenever I feel like it! The only way out is for YOU to PAY out of the contract. The procedure for this is quite simple […]