Purchase Personal Items

Just how pathetic are you maggots?!

Do you want to buy my items so you can grovel over them?? 

Do you want to feel them, smell them, masturbate with them, even stuff them in your mouths?? You pitiful, worthless wretches disgust me with your sickening ways.

Go forth now demented souls and see if there’s anything that will trigger your deranged delusions!!

Panties or Thongs (The cost of extra days will be up to ME) – $30

Bra – $40

Dirty Sweaty Socks (The cost of extra days will be up to ME) – $30

Shoes – $80

Used Deodorant – $40

Sweaty T-shirt – $40

Sweat Soaked Shorts After A Workout – $50

Pee Stained Shorts Or Panties – $50

Fingernail And Toenail Clippings – $20

Pubic Hair – $20

Personalized Stories (email) – $20

Personalized letter/story/instructions mailed – $30

Permission to masturbate – $15

Confession Sessions (Click here to learn more) – $50

Customized POV Videos – $50 for up to 10mins

Webcam Domination Sessions $40-$50 for up to 20 mins

Skype or Yahoo Messenger chat session (text only) – $20 for 30 minutes

Teamviewer session where I control your computer – $20 for up to 10 minutes

Phone Text chatting sessions – $15 to start and then $1 PER MESSAGE (Details here)

1-on-1 online game session (checkers, cards, etc) – $20 (Note: If you win you get a 2nd play FREE, but if I win you owe me another $20!!!)

Buy 2 or more items and get a personal letter/short story free

Prices are ALWAYS subject to change under my discretion, and I will do so as I please. If you don’t like that, then it’s too bad for you!!

All items are sealed in a zip bag before shipping to seal in the scent! If you want something you’ve seen me wear in a clip OR, if you have any suggestions that are not on this purchase list let me know runt… You don’t want to miss out…. Do you?!

Payment can be made online, via EMT (electronic money transfer) or cash to my PO box. Contact me for details!

Mistress_Bella_01 (at) Hotmail (.) com

You can also buy a PTV message for tasks with “So, you want to be my pig…” here: