Terms For My Runts

Obey-MeSo, you want to serve my every whim and be humiliated for my own personal pleasure?

Excellent decision maggot!!

With any agreement between 2 consenting adults, you must read, understand and adhere to my terms and conditions before we proceed… Read carefully troll, and make sure YOU understand what I’M telling you, because if you fail to complete this simple task, then there is NO HOPE for YOU!!!



1. You MUST be at least 18+ or I won’t even give you the time of day. I’m only interested in real men  and women who want to be broken down to the pathetic bitches they really are; not little boys and girls pretending to be grown ups.

2. You agree that any images you send to me of yourself, are of you, owned by you and are sent of your own volition. Don’t pretend to be someone else… It’s bad enough you are who you are, let alone you faking someone elses idenity!! I know that some people like to have their pictures posted as part of their fetish, while others do not; you will clearly state your preference to me before anything is received. You have my word, I will respect your wishes.

If you do not wish your image or video to be posted then I will not post it, but if you DO want it to be shown, then you will consent to it in writing to me beforehand.

3. Anyone looking for consensual blackmail will need to agree and consent to a contract of special terms before we begin whereby our mutual parameters are established. I will NOT discuss anything of a criminal nature and you will not confess any crime or illegal activity to me. Consentual blackmailing is meant for exploring your fantasies and indiscretions, such as cheating on your wife because she won’t look at your puny little prick anymore, or sniffing your aunties panties when she’s sleeping…you DO that, don’t you, you SICK little fuck????

4. Your sessions with me will be online ONLY! This is the one most of you stupid bastards get wrong. No, I won’t “be in your town next Tuesday for drinks”. No, I won’t join you and your spouse for that twisted threesome you’ve always dreamed about. However, I will gleefully watch you humiliate yourself on webcam and I do occassionally travel to take a shit on some poor bastard’s head, but you must have pretty fucking DEEP pockets before I’ll even consider that one!

5. You need to pay a proper tribute to me to get a proper response. There are many ways this can be done that we can discuss first, but don’t screw me around and waste my time or I will block you into the useless turd blackhole you truly deserve. Respect me and my time and you will be rewarded with my attention. My approach will always be disrespectful, unless you state otherwise….

Remember that a Mistress can only be dominant within the limits to which the slave is willing to consent to, so we need to set the boundaries between us first and only then can we explore your fantasies further.

Now, let’s play!!