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Mistresses Mind

Posted by MissBella on June 9, 2013 as , , , ,

For some it appears to be so easy,

To deal with a mind that can make you queasy.

Detailed thoughts which remain consistent,

Pondering eyes that are wandering and distant.

If only they knew what was on my mind,

As I observe them from afar in a hastened bind.

I chuckle and giggle and provide a slight smirk,

To those that seem mindless… struggling with their work.

Their tasks assigned aren’t easy to complete,

As it causes them humility you just can’t beat.

Scurrying off to fetch the mistress her drink,

Not having the time or ability to think.

Demanding them to dig deep in their pockets,

Telling them to cash in their chains and lockets.

Beckoning and bowing to her every need,

Acknowledging the disciplines which will proceed.

They do as they’re told or they’ll be in trouble,

Their pride will be broken, and so will their bubble.

Financial Domination is my game,

I will humiliate you without any shame.

I’d like you to cum along and play if you dare,

But if you do, I will tell you, you’ll lose your pair!!


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