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Pain Seeking Money Slave

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This slave had originally applied to be my money pig through video request. Once we connected, he told me he was intially into BDSM, however became reluctantly curious over this site when he stumbled acrossed it. When he had contacted me about Financial Domination, as he wasn’t quite understanding of what I could actually do for him in regards to humiliating the shit out of him online.

This pain seeking slave told me what instruments he had available at his home for my use, which consisted of: nipple clamp (which was out in his car), candle, whip, mask, tape, and dildo. My mind began to work overtime as I was coming up with MANY ideas of how to utilize the equipment at hand, and to top it all off he had company too.

It seemed to take forever for him to figure out how to pay tribute, but once the paypig put his tribute in my account, the teaser began.

I had asked him for permission to post his pics. He requested for his face to be colored in. So any pics here of him will be disguised as the Painful Pimpy Prick!

I demanded him to tape his mouth tightly shut. I told him to completely wrap it around his head 5 times. I wanted it to be as tight as he could barely stand it!!

pain-seeking-slave-tapedOnce he was able to complete this task, he hastly called me on Skype. Once I seen him I burst out laughing. I couldn’t help myself, as I usually can’t when it come to worthless peices of shit, because YOU FUCKS are so amusing to me!

He sat there in his chair, pawing at his face. I could hear him breathing heavily through his thick nostrils. His glasses hung low on his cheeks, almost to where the tape was cutting into his skin. He had to keep placing his glasses up onto the bridge of his nose.

I had asked him if the tape was hurting his face, and all he could do was bob his head around like one of those little toys you stick on the dash of your car. He kept grabbing at his face, and I asked him to get his nipple clamps. He paused for a moment then began typing. He had explained, his nipple clamps were left in the car. Which this had got me thinking a couple different things:


B) What kind of a fucking freak, leaves their nipple clamps in the car? What does he do with them? Does he discretely put them on in a parking lot before he goes into a grocery store, tugging on them while he’s picking up some cucumbers? Does he like to drive while having the sensation of getting his nips yanked? A variety of scenarios went on in my mind….

Of course where I’m into the public scene, this does MANY things for my brain, as it’s quite the turn on for me. So I proceeded to DEMAND him to go out to the car to get them with the tape still remaining on his useless face! It didn’t matter to me if there were people walking by outside or not. For me it’s ALL about the THRILL!

The pain seeking paypig quickly went out into his car, and retrieved the mysterious nipple clamps. He dangled them in front of my gleeming eyes. He had no idea what my plans were for the powerful little pinchers.

I watched him sit back down, and as he was getting as comfortable as he could get; I had a big smile on my face, as I knew the tape was not pleasant, and he couldn’t talk. He looked at me when I had instructed him to put the nips clamps on his balls. I kept nodding my head yes, and I kept repeating. It didn’t take long for him to place the laptop where I could watch him place them directly on his ball sac.

The Painful Pimpy Prick moaned only slightly as the nipple clamps were being applied. His balls were stronger then what I had originally thought. I laughed and kept poking fun at the pathetic worm. It appeared as though he wasn’t seeing the situation for the humor it had; which was a shame…

The pig did pay me a compliment though… He told me “you can be a bitch”. I replied saying that “I AM ONE.” He rebuttled with “a fucking bitch”. His respirations were high now, as I know he had said that in order to get more pain put upon him. In certain ways… You ask, and you shall recieve!

I got in his face and ordered him to PULL on his nipples clamps, as he DOESN’T have the authority to talk to me in that way. I told him I wanted to hear him MOAN IN PAIN! Harder, and HARDER still! His muffled moans were loud enough to hear through his taped shut mouth. His cheeks kept filling and empting with air. I made him stay that way for 30+ seconds, then I began a final countdown.

pain-seeking-moneyslave-nipple-clamps-on-ballsOnce the countdown was over he had permission to stop pulling on his clamps, relieving himself of the pain he was bringing forward onto himself. He was asking for permission to remove the tape from his mouth, however I denied any requests to remove anything, as I require pictures for my own use.





The Painful Pimpy Prick took the requested pictures (as you’ve seen).

You could hear the instant sigh of relief as he removed those painful nipples clamps. It took forever for him to unravel the tape that went around his head… I thought that was quite entertaining 🙂

He said he was willing to do this again…

I told him…

He better go buy a butt plug!!


Til next time minions!!



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