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Confess Your Sins To Mistress Bella

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Do you get sudden compelling urges to confess? Have the need to “cleanse your soul”? Are you a naughty, dirty, little sick fuck that needs to cry out your sins to someone that has sins of their own?

nun-spankingThis post is for the wretched, hypocritical bastards that actually think they can get their sinful minds cleaned up of all the filth and smut. The perverse thoughts and the uncontrollable urges which make your hand want to crawl down your pants. All you want to do is to grab a hold of yourself and play with your cock or pussy. You know that feeling? Are you familiar?


I know what you dream of in the middle of the night. There are many of you little fuckers out there!

† The feeling of guilt, as your smelling the sweet scent of crusted panties under your nose.

 The nice ass of a younger girl then yourself ; you know you just want to reach out and touch it… You want her to sit right on your face!

 The succulent toes you want to suck as you’re staring at them in a meeting.

Dreaming to get shit on as you’re waiting in line to use a porta potty, especially by the person next in line.

† Secretly yearning to bang your wife’s sister, or do you need to confess that you already fucked the guts out of her?

 Perhaps you want to get spanked by your daughters teacher or trampled by her friends…

You could very well be a Priest, Nun, Minister, Reverend, etc with these exact same thoughts… Or maybe with worse ones? Either way you won’t be accepted by God, but you’ll be accepted by me!

The scenarios are indeed endless, as there are so many of your twisted perverted thoughts out there, it’s hard to keep up with all of them… It’s ok. These thoughts are normal… Right??


Damn you to hell for thinking those thoughts!!!

May the power of Christ compel you!!


Tell me about your sickening ways….

Your dirty, sick little secrets are safe with me!

You might have a hope in hell to be saved… But I doubt that!!

If there is no chance in hell for you, oh well! You can still tell me all about your pathetic acts. This way you’ll feel better until the next time you fuck up, and I know it won’t be long after you confess your sins that you’ll be at it again! You’ll be crawling back to me won’t you?!


Here’s how it works freaks!


 Don’t be knocking on my damn door with heavy shit. In other words, NO ILLEGAL CRAP! If you’re about to speal  off about anything criminal, I WILL shut the conversation down and STOP any other correspondence! I’m not going to be hauled in to your fucking mess! GOT IT?!

 You need to apply HERE. Be sure to make it clear in the form you are looking to confess your sins. DO NOT CONFESS ON THE APPLICATION! This will be considered null and void, as it will NOT get read and thrown in the trash.

 I will reply to your email, providing you payment information.

 The payment for confessing your sins, and cleansing your soul to yours truly is $50.00 per confession. NO EXCEPTIONS!! If you don’t like that, well… YOU ARE GOING TO HELL ANYWAYS!! So, what’s the point, maggot?! Method of payment will be agreed upon before we proceed any further.

I WILL receive payment from you BEFORE we begin with your session.

Don’t come whining to me about how you don’t have the money or you want to get something for free… Only God accepts credit, but I DEMAND CASH!

You will have a choice of two different confession styles. One being just through email, and the other through WebCam. Either one is fine by me. It’s bad enough I have to sit and listen to you babble on about something I really don’t care about, so it really doesn’t matter. If you should choose WebCam, you’ll have to set an appointment time in case we are in different time zones.

 THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL DOMINATION OR CONSENSUAL BLACKMAIL!!! When you pay to confess to me, that’s ALL the money you will pay. I will NOT demand more from you. $50.00/confession session…. Unless you feel as though you’re going to be really pathetic and take up an extreme amount of time, OR if you feel you need to be punished for your deeds; then I will have to reconsider the price, as my time IS VALUBLE! I’m the one taking the time to sit there, and listen to all your bullshit! So, come on now!

 If you losers want to be blackmailed for all you are confessing to me; or if you looking for me to force money out of your pockets using the information given , then you need to click HERE. These types of needs requires a SIGNED CONSENTUAL BLACKMAIL CONTRACT, and goes beyond what this section is for, you fucking morons! Take a look around the site… You might get a fucking clue!

 DO NOT expect me to humiliate you, or demean you in ANY way during the actual session. This section is NOT for that purpose. If you are looking for that, then perhaps you should apply to be my Paypig or maybe Consensual Blackmail. This is for confessions ONLY, and NOTHING ELSE! I may however, write posts about some nameless pompous asses and what kind of fucked up freaks they are. No names specifying anyone will be mentioned; which ensures your privacy, and confidentiality.

 There is NO OBLIGATION to you. Meaning, if you only want to confess to me only once in a life time or once a week, this would entirely be up to you. There will be NOTHING expected of you except payment before each session.


Why is sinning so much fun? Why are we made to think of sin? Why do we yearn to sin? The sinful acts of others gives us urges to sin with them. It’s a fact of life we all naturally have sexual thoughts, feelings, and urges. It’s natural to act upon these said urges.

I’ve come to the conclusion long ago, that WE (unified) are ALL the DEVIL’S CHILDREN!

Get on your knees and prey my sinful swine! Remember this prayer as you will be residing it to me during your sessions!


“Mistress Bella, I am sorry for my sins with all my heart.

In choosing to do wrong and failing to do good.

 I have sinned against you whom I should serve above all things.

I firmly intend with your listening ear to sin no more,

and to avoid whatever leads me to sin.

Mistress Bella suffers all the while I speaketh of thy troubles,

and for this I am deeply gracious.

May Mistress Bella have mercy on my soul.”

AMEN! You’re now going to hell!







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