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You Want To Get On THIS Site

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Listen up, pigs!

There seems to be quite a litter of weak little runts lately.

The interesting thing however, is that their goal is to ultimately end up on this site. This is what they thrive on. They want me to post their pathetic, ugly fucking faces and all their digusting, filthy habits for all to see and laugh at them.

mistress-bella-findom-how-to-get-on-siteIf you are applying through this site and having this as an ultimate goal, then there are some things I need to explain to you stupid fucks.

You see… Some of you retards think that I’m going to do what they ask, and that it’s included in what they tribute… THINK AGAIN!!! I am the one who decides who gets a story, after all I am the one who takes the time to do it. So don’t tell me from the very beginning “if I’m not going to be on the site, then I might as well quit now.” because if I feel you are NOT worthy enough to be put on my site, then YOU WILL NOT BE!!! It’s THAT simple. I set the bar, YOU do not!

Then there’s idiots which send me every single fucking useless picture of themselves! Some with sexy frilly’s, others being bound or forced to suck cock without having an established bond with me at all then expecting me to produce a story when I don’t fucking know you!!!

Oh yes, I almost forgot! For those stupid fucktards that send me pictures of themselves with another Mistresses name on them, YOU ARE FUCKING STUPID!! I’m NOT going to use those to put them on my site to promote another Domme… Brainless, I tell you!!

If it’s your goal to get on the site, then it’s how YOU act that will make it OR break it. I could give a rats fuckin hairy ass about what you think. This is MY SITE, not yours. If you want, you could make up your own site, plaster your own fucking fat ugly body all over it, write what you want, when you want, how you want it… But you’re too much of a fucking pussy for that aren’t you?

You MUST allow time to build a relationship. I need to know how you are with the tasks I assign, what you’re like in conversation, who you are as a person, etc. Basically… I NEED TO HAVE A STORY TO WRITE, in order to write it. If I don’t know you, and how you react to the VARIETY of tasks I provide, then how can I write about my experience with you? I refuse to write a story about a couple of tasks… So don’t bother wasting your time about that…. Unless it’s a unqiue experience, and then I may consider it, but don’t count on it.

I only want to use the pictures from the tasks which I had assigned or our sessions, not ones from another Mistresses. Gawd! You’d be surprised with the amounts of useless fucking pictures I get with another Mistresses name on it. I WILL NOT USE THESE AT ALL, so don’t bother dumbasses!

If are you feeling submissive one day and you decide to put your sexy frilly’s on, then take pictures of yourself wearing them and prancing around happily in your livingroom… DO NOT SEND THEM TO ME, YOU FUCKING STUPID CUNTS!!! Especially if you are NOT my slave, OR we are just beginning the process. If this is something you want me to be aware of, you can tell me and may be send a couple but NOT hundreds, you fucktards!!

In order for you to achieve this goal of being on my site, you must know your role! Be obedient and respectful, as these are TWO of the most important things in making it happen. If I tell you to do a task over and over and over again, then THAT IS EXACTLY what you WILL do, until I am SATISFIED!

I am a STRICT TASK MISTRESS, and it takes a lot to satisfy me. Do as I say, when I say it, and we will be just fine.

Marriage In The Pooper

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RipTimothyTimothy and Patricia had married at the young age of twenty. Now being married for fifteen years and having no children, they can barely stand being next to one another, as they argue and bicker consistently. Neither of them wants this marriage to work. Both are totally detached from one another…

Timothy is currently unemployed and presently not looking for work. He has lost all ambition to save their marriage. Patricia just views him as a bum and wants him gone out of her life. She doesn’t even care if he exists… And he knows it. He just wants her around to fuck, but she won’t even give him the time of day, hasn’t in a few years. Not even a quick tug!

Patricia had always had a dominant side, however felt as though she couldn’t bring it upon herself to express it the way she wished. She would often get horny while daydreaming at work about having total control over someone. To be able to treat a person like nothing, turning them into her whipping boy; making them lay down just to take whatever she brought to the table…. Doing unforeseeable things to them… These thoughts would make her very excited. Sometimes so wet that she would go to the office washroom to rub herself under the sexy black miniskirts she would wear every day.

Patricia is a successful editor for a mistress magazine, and has no interest in her husband. She is a slender 5’9 with long wavy dirty blonde hair. Her uniform is a snug white button up blouse, black miniskirt with black pumps. Wearing no panties makes her feel sexy, especially when she wears thigh high stockings, as it allows her easy access to play with herself while sitting at her desk.

Approximately two years ago, Patricia had met a fellow named Todd through the mistress magazine. She had interviewed him several times, as he was a “slave” in several of the magazines stories, which he had written himself. He had intrigued her. She wanted to get to know this slave inside and out to find out if he was really the character he wrote about. She thought he was the man she wanted to demean and control, while he would lie down and take it.

Todd was very attracted to Patricia. He looked forward to every interview, as she would sit in the chair across from him. His eyes would roam freely as she spoke, noticing every move her body made.

How Patricia’s soft, plump lips would form every word. How her tight white blouse would be unbuttoned showing off her beautiful C cup breasts, while watching her chest lift at every breath. The miniskirt would always be short enough to notice she was wearing thigh highs, and the way her hands would rub her legs as she was asking questions, drove him crazy. He had even seen she wasn’t wearing any panties because as she would change the position of her legs, she would purposely pause a moment so he could see a tiny bit of her pussy before she crossed them again. Todd loved her shiny, four inched heeled black pumps, and how she would slowly dangle them off her toes. She enjoyed having him lust over her.

Todd knew that her sexual body language was definitely intentional. She wanted to go beyond a professional relationship at each interview, as she always displayed the same erotic behavior.

Before each interview Todd felt it necessary to relief himself, because the anticipation had been too overwhelming for him, however he’d find his cock getting rock hard as he’d let his eyes roam over her during and after the discussion. He’d usually try to hide his erection, but decided not to bother on the last interview, which was approximately a year ago…

Patricia was hot and horny that morning, as she knew she was going to be interviewing Todd later on that afternoon. She wore her typical dress uniform, with her thigh highs and made sure she didn’t wear any panties. She constantly wanted him to notice her freshly trimmed pussy as she crossed her legs. She decided to wear her blonde hair up for a change, showing off her long smooth neck.

Once Patricia got to work that morning she immediately started her tasks of the day, but as the day went on, she had a very hard time focusing on what was in front of her to do. How she longed for Todd. Wanting him to be her slave, to do whatever she wanted with him. Wondering what it would feel like to have that kind of control, as she had no boundaries with in herself of what her actions could bring forth upon him. The more she thought, the hornier she got… (more…)

Septic Slave Josh

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 I had such a bad day the other day… I was feeling down and out and needed a change of scenery. I wondered to myself, if my little slave boy named Josh wanted to go for a walk with me. I don’t usually show him my soft side, but I really wanted to have company. […]