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Findom Sessions With Mistress Bella

Posted by MissBella on October 14, 2016 with No Commentsas , , , , , , , , ,

So, you’re a cash slave looking to serve an online Findom and you don’t know where to start. Awwww… How pathetic!

Besides the obvious choice of filling out my money pig application form here: Apply Bitch!, which is more of a serious committment in servitude to me; I now offer a 2nd option for the Human ATM’s who just want to “test the water” first, with a fixed term that has a specific end time of one week or a full month. This way you know exactly when your suffering will end; or will it?

These sessions involve either a week or month of tasks for my amusement, as well as possible Skype time and text messages… You KNOW you WILL want those! My expectations of you wallet rinsing maggots, will always remain the same… These assignments WILL have due dates, and YES there WILL be specific instructions for them.

You will stay in contact with me for the duration of the time you pay for, however, you will NOT be making demands of my time. I will be the one making demands of YOU… You are the cash cow, aren’t you??

You can book your session length now by going to the Findom With Mistress Bella page here and choosing your preferred short time of servitude. Then simply make the payment through the site and I will contact you there to begin.

Consider yourself warned, as I will not be held responsible if your desire is to go further into my realm… You may find yourself wanting me to rape your wallet, but not before I see you on your knees begging for it!

DO IT finsub…

Lose yourself….


Let’s Play.