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Fraudulent Italian Money Slave

Posted by MissBella on June 17, 2013 with 1 Commentas , ,

June 16th, 2013…

For all you waste of spaces that think Findoms won’t humiliate if you don’t pay up, THINK AGAIN YOU FUCK UPS!!! Especially when YOU signed a Consensual Blackmail contract stating I can do whatever the hell I want to with the PERSONAL INFORMATION YOU had provided ME!

I had given this useless piece of shit his 24hrs deadline to pay up, or his information will be put on my site for ALL to see.

He has 5hrs left…

Just sit and wait… I’m going to enjoy every last moment of degrading you… You WORTHLESS FRAUD!!!!

Tick tock… Tick tock….

Stay tuned…..



June 17th, 2013,

And the big surprise is…


Since he did sign his consensual blackmail contract, I get to do whatever the FUCK I WANT with his WORTHLESS information!


This was before he was a fucking useless piece of shit…









His deepest, darkest secret was as follows:

“I, the undersigned Giampaolo Rosi, living in Milan in Viale Monza 182, declare as follows: I’m secretly gay, I like black men and Arabs, with very big cocks. My ass is broke and broken, I can hear only very big cocks. I love to suck cock and drinking cum. To certify the above, write the combination to the safe in my office. We know it’s just me and my secretary. 36888800220

June 15, 2013

in faith

Giampaolo Rosi”

He had provided me with his phone number being: 339 4431664 for both his work and home. His email being

His work address: Via Garibaldi 23

“Secretary” name and email being: Maria Belli

“Best Friend” name, phone and address :Marco Bisi, 339 3486922,


I had recently found out from a previous findom (an old chap of mine); this ROACH had also attempted to swindle her with the same picture and address, however different occupation and name.

You see his name above as it is. This MORON told me his occupation was in fact, an owner of small contracting business. Seems legit perhaps… But DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!

My buddy, former Mistress Shannon had provided me with her documentation. He had also signed a contract for her to be able to have his credit card as her own, stating he was an Italian Dentist…

The credit card number given to her was as below, and was a fraudulent number.

VISA 4023 6005 6791 0500 poor 12/2010


Here’s his information from back in 2010:

findom-italian-fraudHe went by the name Mario Guazzini. Email given at the time was (feel free to flood him with crap).

The email is the same as his “Best Friend” contact, which he had provided me with …. LMAO!!!

I have contacted other findoms from around the net to make sure they DO NOT give you the time of day, as you are a disgrace to this business.

You are an insignificant fluffy faggot wanna be that wouldn’t know what to do with a big fuckin’ black cock if it was in front of you!!!



I do have to say… I enjoyed this, as I LOVE HUMILIATING THE SHIT out of worthless pieces of shit like yourself. You need to crawl back in the blackhole from which you came!! Go on now you cowardly crock!! Be banished from the world you keep trying fool!! HAHAHA!!!

Oh.. And by the way…

I got bored and I decided to do some sketching….










PS… If you are seeing this and want this removed, I expect payment of WHAT YOU FUCKING OWE ME, to get out of the contract….. Thanks!! xxoxoxooxooxo



Later on June 17th, 2013


He keeps coming up with PATHETIC EXCUSES. Telling me he was a man of weakness, and for me to take pity on him….

Again… I say FUCK YOU!!!

What about you being a Dentist a couple of years ago?! You’ve been playing this game for a LONG TIME FRAUD!!! Now I’m standing up to you, making sure others are aware of your PATHETIC EXISTENCE!!!

YOU wanted ME to FORCE you to pay me…


Don’t play fucking stupid, as I know (and so does the rest of the world now) this isn’t your first experience… You’ve wasted others time!

Now he says he’s going to pay up…

The ONLY WAY I modify this post, is when I RECIEVE PAYMENT! It’s NOT that hard to understand RETARD!!!!

Oh… The more you keep emailing me with shit… The more I’ll doodle and post…


I shall keep you this ALL posted .



June 24th

It’s halairious what you find out about someone when you research…

Take for instance, he’s also on another Findoms “Shit List“. Her name is Mrs. Enchantress. I’m currently waiting to hear from her in regards to this waste of space.

You’ll see he also told her he was a Dentist. Click here to check out her Shit List. You’ll see he’s actually #3 on her list of financial fuck ups… What a fuckin’ loser!

I also seen that he belongs to several community forums, using several user names including babet.81 (his “secretarys”, and grcuck. This one community forum I had checked out, and sure enough, he was there. I decided to send him a private message to say hi and I was also kind enough to remind him that he owed me money…

He requested me to just email him… I told him he was funny, and then proceeded to ask him if he remembered Mrs. Enchantress and how he loaded her full of shit as well… He didn’t reply to that one yet.

You see my fellow runts, and runtesses… If you say you are going to pay for a service, then THAT IS WHAT YOU FUCKING DO!

Findoms are use to weeding out the FRAUDING FAKERS from the REAL DEALS!! The thing with me is… I LOVE TO POUNCE ON THEM ALL in my on way.

If you fuck me around, I will put you on the spot and make it known to all somehow!

I shall keep you posted when new information comes about.

Thanks for continuing to check in on the fuckin’ TIMEWASTER!!!

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