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Consensual Blackmail Terms

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Consensual Blackmail is something you pigs should not take lightly, as you WILL be SIGNING A CONTRACT making me the BOSS, leaving you as MY PRISONER to do whatever I please, whenever I feel like it! The only way out is for YOU to PAY out of the contract.

The procedure for this is quite simple for you idiots to understand. I will provide step by step instructions for you runts who are slow at catching my drift!

1) Click here and fill out the form. DO NOT attempt to go through this process this on ANY type of messenger (ie: Yahoo, Skype, etc).


2) BE SURE to include information about your needs, but do NOT confess anything in the initial form…that comes later!! Not only do you morons need to make it clear you want Consensual Blackmail, but you have to realize what Consentual Blackmail IS!!! 

3) Once I receive the application and torture myself with reading your pathetic ramblings, I will reply to the email you had provided on the form asking any questions I may have regarding your fetishes.

4) YOU WILL ANSWER MY QUESTIONS. I wait for ONLY 24hrs!! If you fail to reply to my email by that time frame, I will throw your application to the curb where it fucking belongs!

5) YOU WILL PAY A CONTRACT FEE of $50.00 – This fee will NOT be negotiated! It’s NOT MY PROBLEM if you’re too goddam poor, or if you’re a student, or your credit card doesn’t work, or any other lame ass worthless excuse you have!! GO SOB IN THE FUCKING CORNER LIKE AN IMMATURE TWIT!! It’s NOT my problem. NO PAY means NO PLAY….. PERIOD!!! I must know you are SERIOUS about this COMMITTMENT.

Note: Method of payment will be agreed upon before we proceed any further. I WILL receive payment from you BEFORE we begin with your session.

6) A contract specifically for YOUR NEEDS will be written up BY ME. This will take approximately 24hrs, as it will be in detail. BE SURE TO READ and inform me of ANY errors. If you fail to do this, it’s NOT MY PROBLEM.

7) The contract will ask several things including YOUR picture, contact information (home/work address/phone number, cell phone number, etc), and contact information of others (may be family, close friends, or your boss-it may vary) AND you MUST provide me with YOUR DEEP DARK DIRTY SECRETS, so I can dangle them over your ugly little head all day, and everyday… EVEN when you sleep at night. If you do not do this, then I just earned the money that YOU WILL NOT GET BACK, and I’ll just spend it on whatever I want while I forget about your pathetic existence!

8) After you read over the contract thoroughly, and making sure there are no errors or adjustments to be made; you must PRINT the Consensual Blackmail contract, FILL OUT the required information, SCAN THE DOCUMENT, then send it back to me. DON’T FORGET TO SEND YOUR PICTURE, and your FILTHY DISGUSTING SECRETS!!!

9) Once the information is retrieved, it will be placed in a safe place for MY VIEWING PLEASURE ONLY.

NOTE: I will be testing the information you provide me with for confirmation. I will be discrete in doing so. If you take it upon yourself to lie to me, I WILL POST ANY AND ALL information provided to forewarn other FinDoms of your wasteful ways; taking you down into the BLACKHOLE where YOU BELONG!!



Hmmmm…. Let me think…


1) You MUST HAVE a camera/webcam to be able to send me pics/clips.

2) Be EXPECTED to receive assignments and tasks by ME through email, regular mail, cell phone calls or text. You will NOT be asked to perform ILLEGAL activities.

3) You will be EXPECTED to provide me with pictures and/or videos of the assignments being performed for added information. This way I can tuck it away, just in case you should make the STUPID DECISION to FUCK me around…

4) Checking your email/cell phone regularly IS REQUIRED, as you never know when you will receive a task or when the deadline will be.

5) Visiting MY WEBSITE frequently, I WILL EXPECT!! You should keep in touch with ME, and adhere to any and all updates in MY life. If it seems as though I’m demanding something, you better be inquiring about it. 

6) Special occasions, such as my birthday and holidays I want gifts. I deserve it! Sucking up to the one that holds ALL the cards is IN FACT a GOOD WAY TO GO!! Don’t forget that either. I will want you to find me something online, or I will want you to go out into a store and pick out something for me then send it to my PO BOX.

7) I will have an area on my site of which I will be writing about our Consentual Blackmail relationship. I will NOT post any pictures, just words explaining the pathetic actions you perform.  I will have a nickname picked out for you. This will also help with keeping you on your toes. Posting information is just a click away! I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!!

I take great amusement with watching you WRETCHED TROLLS doing WHATEVER I SAY.

Scrambling at the littlest things, seeing you stumble and crawl is of great importance to me.

If I want to RAPE YOUR WALLET, I WILL! If I want to MAKE A COMPLETE FUCKING ASS out of you, I WILL! If I want to DRAIN YOU mentally, emotionally, or financially I WON’T HESITATE or THINK TWICE!! YOUR ASS WILL BE MINE!!! BLEEDING YOU DRY and STRIPPING YOU of all your DIGNITY, TEARING AWAY your PRIDE piece by piece will be MY PLEASURE… NOT YOURS.

If you fail to abide by my terms, I WILL call your bluff and post the information you provide me in every place possible, making you out to be the biggest fucking loser in the world for all to see. After all this IS an EXTREME form of Financial Domination at it’s finest, so DO NOT think this is going to be an EASY RIDE!

For the dirty fucking mongrels that wish to chicken out of the contract, and choose they no longer wish to play this dangerous game; there is a way out for you pathetic pieces of shit…

Of course you must pay for everything to go away!

The exit fee of the contract is $250.00. Once paid, I will DESTROY any and all EVIDENCE that the contract ever existed. HOWEVER…

If you should decide to ignore this and jump ship without paying to be released from your contract, you sack of shit, I WILL post EVERY PIECE OF INFORMATION I HAVE on this site, and then post links to it everywhere I can, including on social media sites where your friends and family would be very interested to find out what you’ve been up to. Got it???

TRUST ME YOU SICK FUCK, I WILL EXPOSE YOU!!! It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done it…. HAAHAAHAA!!


Or, Click here to see the faggot wanna be that tested me!

If you are too much of a pussy to have me exploit your sorry ass, then perhaps you would rather confess your sinful, naughty ways to me!

Click HERE learn more about CONFESSIONS!



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