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I’m Back Bitches!

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For the longest time I have yearned to be back on the saddle of Financial Domination, and now here I am. Back with a vengeance.

Over the last couple of days, I have been clearing through thousands of emails from not just notifications, but from all of you sap sucking money slaves hoping to catch a break from your pathetic little lives. Unfortunately, due to my absence, they had gone unanswered and unseen for many many months.

For those who have written me by either applying or being owned by me at the time, I have FINALLY written you back, not all of you… yet. I appreciate the emails from peasants who have asked about my well-being, and just so you know, I’m fine.

I had family sickness, and had to care for two important family members, and thanks to team work, my Grandfather was able to die at home peacefully from a battle with cancer, and my Grandmother still needs assistance but she’s holding her own.

Now… to get on with things…
I’m slowly getting back into FinDom by clearing through many emails, logging into my Mistress Bella accounts to blow the dust off of them, and get things up and running again.

I have many stories that need to be updated. Ones from before I took leave, and believe me… they’ll be worth the wait.

There are also a couple of NEW PROJECTS I’m taking on. I am starting another website (name to be announced later) for the ass wipes who want to be part of a membership to see me LIVE on WEBCAM!!! Also, I’m going to be the main fetish model for, which will also have video content from not just myself, but a couple of others we had bought the license to.


Stay tuned motherfuckers. It’s going to be a ride and a half. I look forward to reading future slave applications and I will continue to relish in the money slaves I already have.

Don’t be a fucking pussy!



A Day In The Life Of Mistress Bella

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As you are well aware, I am a Mistress which specializes in Finanicial Domination and Humiliation.

I humiliate and demean unworthy mortals making them feel like the scum of the earth.

I take great pride in my work, as it pleases me to see my minions grovel at my feet while they dig in their pockets to pay me!

What I do here is quite simple. I sit and read all the pitiful emails you runts send me, while I drink my morning coffee, and eat my breakfast. I laugh and giggle over the pictures and videos as I’m viewing them, almost spitting my coffee out of my mouth.

As I’m about to start my day, I stand up; still looking at the computer screen, shaking my head saying “You moron’s are fucking pathetic!” . I close my laptop and head into the shower still laughing.

Even as I’m lathering up my hair, arms, and legs I’m chuckling, talking to myself saying “I can’t believe what I witness every morning I wake up. These leeches are lost and are lunatics in their own minds, and I love being their leash!”. I rinse off and get out.

Usually I check my email for a few minutes with a towel wrapped around my long hair, wearing my housecoat. I see another email from a slave, but now the maggot want his cherry broken with a Webcam session. This made me very happy!

I agreed, and he pays me through a EMT. I make him watch me as I’m making my coffee, while he has his hand on his puny cock. He is looking for Cum Denial, and that’s what he’ll get, though I’m not in the mood to watch this pathetic piglet pull on his tiny prick. I had to tell him to come back later after I drank half my coffee.

I stand up from the table holding my mug. I go back in the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth. I’m thinking of ideas for Fetish Clips I could try… I get my uniform on and head to work for the day or night, as I do shiftwork.

I work my ass off for 12hrs, then get through the door and turn on my computer… I make myself another coffee, and wait for my peasant to make my meal. He’s waiting for permission to cum as well, but I’m too tired for that. I have other plans for my peasant after all, and I need to check my messages from my pay piglets!

I recieved several emails while I was gone. I couldn’t wait for the amusement to begin. Oh!! And… There’s the slave looking for a Webcam session again… Should I? Or shouldn’t I let him cum? Guess I’ll play with him for a tad bit before I make that rash decision….

The game begins all over again. How I love this cycle! How I love the MONEY!!!


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