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You Want To Get On THIS Site

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Listen up, pigs!

There seems to be quite a litter of weak little runts lately.

The interesting thing however, is that their goal is to ultimately end up on this site. This is what they thrive on. They want me to post their pathetic, ugly fucking faces and all their digusting, filthy habits for all to see and laugh at them.

mistress-bella-findom-how-to-get-on-siteIf you are applying through this site and having this as an ultimate goal, then there are some things I need to explain to you stupid fucks.

You see… Some of you retards think that I’m going to do what they ask, and that it’s included in what they tribute… THINK AGAIN!!! I am the one who decides who gets a story, after all I am the one who takes the time to do it. So don’t tell me from the very beginning “if I’m not going to be on the site, then I might as well quit now.” because if I feel you are NOT worthy enough to be put on my site, then YOU WILL NOT BE!!! It’s THAT simple. I set the bar, YOU do not!

Then there’s idiots which send me every single fucking useless picture of themselves! Some with sexy frilly’s, others being bound or forced to suck cock without having an established bond with me at all then expecting me to produce a story when I don’t fucking know you!!!

Oh yes, I almost forgot! For those stupid fucktards that send me pictures of themselves with another Mistresses name on them, YOU ARE FUCKING STUPID!! I’m NOT going to use those to put them on my site to promote another Domme… Brainless, I tell you!!

If it’s your goal to get on the site, then it’s how YOU act that will make it OR break it. I could give a rats fuckin hairy ass about what you think. This is MY SITE, not yours. If you want, you could make up your own site, plaster your own fucking fat ugly body all over it, write what you want, when you want, how you want it… But you’re too much of a fucking pussy for that aren’t you?

You MUST allow time to build a relationship. I need to know how you are with the tasks I assign, what you’re like in conversation, who you are as a person, etc. Basically… I NEED TO HAVE A STORY TO WRITE, in order to write it. If I don’t know you, and how you react to the VARIETY of tasks I provide, then how can I write about my experience with you? I refuse to write a story about a couple of tasks… So don’t bother wasting your time about that…. Unless it’s a unqiue experience, and then I may consider it, but don’t count on it.

I only want to use the pictures from the tasks which I had assigned or our sessions, not ones from another Mistresses. Gawd! You’d be surprised with the amounts of useless fucking pictures I get with another Mistresses name on it. I WILL NOT USE THESE AT ALL, so don’t bother dumbasses!

If are you feeling submissive one day and you decide to put your sexy frilly’s on, then take pictures of yourself wearing them and prancing around happily in your livingroom… DO NOT SEND THEM TO ME, YOU FUCKING STUPID CUNTS!!! Especially if you are NOT my slave, OR we are just beginning the process. If this is something you want me to be aware of, you can tell me and may be send a couple but NOT hundreds, you fucktards!!

In order for you to achieve this goal of being on my site, you must know your role! Be obedient and respectful, as these are TWO of the most important things in making it happen. If I tell you to do a task over and over and over again, then THAT IS EXACTLY what you WILL do, until I am SATISFIED!

I am a STRICT TASK MISTRESS, and it takes a lot to satisfy me. Do as I say, when I say it, and we will be just fine.

The Disrespectful Pest

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September 18th, 2013

During my daily routine of checking through the applications from potential money slaves, I was surprised when I came across this particular requistion. It seemed to me this slave was definitely experienced in his role, as he had all of the detailed information required to able me to make a decision straight away.

The application included all financial information pertaining to his monthly income, bills and fees that needed to be paid, and also had the amount left at my disposal. He also made strict note of why he was applying to become MY slave, as he seemed to be quite interested in my style of work and the way I presented my website on more of a personal level.

He took the time to discuss his life, personality, his daily routine and how he felt I would be the perfect Mistress to serve. He elaborated about the music he liked, his fetishes, and some of the long ongoing history of past experiences he’s had with Real Time and Online Mistresses over the course of 15 years. One of the experiences included having a live-in Financial Dominatrix for several months, and he explained how she abruptly left him and moved out after his money was gone.


His fetishes were as follows:

Ass worship, foot worship, spitting, collar & leash, slapping, chastity, face sitting, sissy training, forced bi, hot wax, oral servitude, nipple torture, bondage, CBT, water sports, pony and being used as furniture. He also included what he was looking to get out of this experience, and how he felt the challenges were going to set him into an emotional rollercoaster.

In my opinion, this was the BEST APPLICATION I have yet to receive! Usually I have to ask for this information over a period of time… But with this, it was different and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

One of the goals he hoped to experience was using TeamViewer. For those who do not know what that is I’ll give a brief explanation….

Using TeamViewer, gives your Mistress FULL ACCESS AND CONTROL of your computer. This software allows her to go through your computers files, passwords, emails,etc right before your eyes. She could dump everything in the trash if she wanted and clean out your recycle bin, etc.

I was honest with him, as I do NOT have much experience in this field, as I’ve only had one opportunity to do this with one other slave by taking increments of money out of his bank account while he watched me on webcam, which was every so many minutes until the safe word was given. I advised him, that in order for him and I to go down that road, I required to get to know him better, and a tribute had to be made. 




The next day on the 19th, I seen he paid $50.00 tribute via Amazon Gift Card. Since the payment was made quickly, I decided to give him his first simple task without hesitation. He needed to tape his face up and have my name written all over his upper body. Then write a journal entry about his thoughts and feelings WHILE he remained taped up…

As he was getting to work on his assignment, I had carefully reviewed the information in front of me; including his finances. This guy didn’t have a whole lot to play with in regards to money, but I could tell this would be a good ride. Financial Domination isn’t JUST about the money. YES, payments and tributes ARE a necessity however; for me it’s about the FULL CONTROL! So, I decided he would pay me $35.00 every Thursday. It looked as though he would just be able afford that with having a small amount left over.

He was very prompt with getting his assignment completed. I was quite surprised with the way he decided to do it. I chuckled when I seen the yellow tape, but I was left undecided… Meaning, that I couldn’t come up with a nickname for him yet. Usually by this time, I would have deemed the poor bastard with a name, but in this case I was at a loss for one.


tortured turd-bella-findom












 This was his FIRST journal entry:

“i have just written Mistress Bella all over my body, arms and face. i used two colors of marker. The orange stands outs more. i have taken a picture of my task in progress. i just taped my face and i am writing on he tape. i am nearing the end of my task and now the thoughts are beginning to come to mind. The first is how am i going to get that tape off my hair without cutting my hair otherwise pulling allot of it out because its going to pull very hard. Maybe i need a hair cut anyway. It is almost time for one. Also thinking now how will i get all the writing of my body which itself would be ok as when i go out i am dressed and it is covered. But my face needs to be clean. It is going to take some scrubbing and allot of soap. i wish i had some make up remover. i will put that on a list.

Now first though i must finish the task at hand. The camera is ready and to snap a few more photos for Perfect Mistress Bella. i have been really happy the last couple of days since i met Mistress Bella. It is like the first few days when i would meet a new girlfriend, not that i had many, a few only. i am so excited. i am so positive and happy and consider myself to be so very lucky to have found Her. After all i would not be doing this right now for just anyone. Well not enjoying it this much anyway.

Thinking of it now i am almost surprised i never became gay as i had such difficulty with girlfriends. The beginning was always great but shortly thereafter it faded quickly, probably because of my inadequacy and being very shy. Being a minute man was not good. And having a small penis didn’t help. So now i search for online Mistresses to satisfy my needs by satisfying their needs which are nothing sexual and mostly financial. i get my satisfaction by Pleasing Dominant woman and doing humiliating and degrading acts and giving them money for it. i can’t believe i get off by being made fun of, laughed at, talked about and just used and abused by Dominant ladies. Oh well, this is me! This who and what i am! i will just continue down this path. i know i love it! Or maybe i just need it! It is not like i am the only one as there are many other guys and even females involved this lifestyle. Maybe i was born into it.

It is so quite as my television is on mute and i don’t have any music on. i am wanting my mind on the task at hand. i want to have all my concentration on it. i want to Please Mistress Bella and so i am trying very much to do a good job.

Ok, a few photos to my computer, they look good and they are ready to send later. i am looking at myself in the mirror and shaking my head. What did i just do and why, well i know why, why is because Mistress Bella told me to and right now that’s the thing that is most important to me. i just humiliated myself for her and i am very happy about it. Well i haven’t sent the photos yet but soon. And as i said it was ok for Mistress to use any of my photos on Her site or anywhere else was fine and i didn’t have a problem with it. But having second thoughts, well not really, it will be ok. i’ve done worse things in my life. i can always say i was just drunk and at a party and others did it. So it is nothing too serious. Or do i maybe like the thought of my humiliations being seen online, not sure. i am sure i will find out in time as i am sure Mistress Bella has other more humiliating things in mind.

Well i just got the tape off, cut some hair, pulled some hair out and it is just a bit sore but nothing too serious. i can breathe much easier now. i never realized but having my mouth taped off is constricting with breathing through my nose only, for a period an extended period of time.

i guess it is off to the shower for a scrubbing then i will relax with some television. i think i did a pretty good job tonight except the tape could have been a little tighter. Well learn from the past and make better the next time.

i will send this along with the photos sometime tomorrow.”


What the hell do I say about this? Holy fuck man! Pathetic or what? LOL

Minute man, inadequate, etc. Plus… I know I’m not perfect with spelling or grammar… But this guy really needs to go back to school. His capitalization sucked ass!! I found it to be funny, as his thoughts were so scrambled and all over the place. His capitalization didn’t change throughout our relationship…

I stared blankly at this pitiful sight on my computer screen, pondering deeply and reading over previous emails, trying to get my mind to come up with a name. But… to no avail… none came. I figured that perhaps it would come with time. Maybe I just had to get to know the little shit a bit more.

This guy has had quite the history with Dommes… Both online, and real time…

The quotation was part of his application (plus we did chat about it in more detail on Skype):

“I got interested and started in the bdsm scene about 15 years ago. First i did phone domination, Then did some inline Serving. i then began having escorts experienced in Dominatrix for paid sessions.
i then had a Mistress live with me for 7 months but when She had drained my finances She left because i didn’t have the money to keep Her happy.
Well then i returned to online Serving and Served a couple Mistresses but we didn’t have the same expectations and i jumped into the relationship too quick without knowing what was expected of me. Now i am looking to Serve a Mistress again but knowing Her better.”

He told me in a time frame of almost 5 years, he had paid for over 40 sessions for real time Dommes. These sessions had cost him anywhere between $150-$300each. Before that he had spent years spending money on being dominated over the phone. For several months he was with a live-in Financial Dominatrix that of course drained him, took his money… then left him. With all of this, he managed to serve online as well….

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! I mean, Jesus Christ!! Just fuckin find a girlfriend that meets all of those qualities!! Most women like spending money, going out to dinner and a movie while being pampered… But I suppose, if you look like an old wrinkled up turtle with no penis, then I can see how difficult that would be for you! YIKES!! (Inching towards the door…)

He told me some of the tasks he was made to do by some of the online Mistresses, and I was truly entertained…YES, some of them were funny-in the sense of…”Oh my god, he actually did that! That’s fuckin stupid!.”, some were good ideas-which I put in my memory, but some was just RIDICULOUS!!!

Here are just some examples:

– Copying the phone book.

(Are you fucking kidding me? – BOOORING)

– Dressing up like a Piniata for a birthday.

(Shit! I’m NOT FIVE!!! I could think of something else for my birthday… Ummm lets see… MONEY, or a gift to go along with something else perhaps?!… Grow up!)

– To take pictures being in underwear while vacuuming and doing the dishes.

(Has the entertainment factor decreased significantly enough that it effects brain function?~Oh wait… Yes it has, hense reality television… But what about him doing all that NAKED with something shoved up his fucking tight asshole?! I tend to like feather dusters for that… It’s fucking hilarious! Watch it on Skype with a big bowl of popcorn… Oh yeah!!)

Obviously he or certain others had no dignity in what their role was at all. This is about humiliation, not just on the outside, but on the INSIDE as well. You have to hit ‘em where it fucking hurts! When they are at their weakest you knock them down, leave them in the dust; make them get up on their own… HAVE THEM CRAWL BACK TO YOU FOR MORE!!! It shouldn’t be boring, and redundant all of the time… SIMPLETONS!!!! GAHHH!!!


September 22nd,


les-collageI had given him a couple of more tasks. I had given him a list of items that he needed to go out and buy. The list included sexy panties, lipstick, vasoline, q-tips, and a featherduster. When buying these items, he was to ensure my name was going to be written in aa visable area on his body, and to take pictures of himself modelling the sexy undergarments.

From this point onward, he could NOT run errands, shave, shower or masturbate through the week. The ONLY DAY he had for doing any of these things was Thursdays. I called this his “Special Day” where he would pay me his weekly payment, along with going out to run his errands; shaving, showering, and wanking before hand. I advised him, that if he felt the need to shower or spank before that time, he would have to put in a request and pay tribute before it was considered. This he found especially difficult, as he was use to showering DAILY, shaving at least every other day and spanking it every couple of days since he was 21 years old (He’s 59 now). It wasn’t even a full 24hrs and he started whining a bit, which I thought was pathetic and quite funny… And of course, I wanted him to write a journal entry based on this next ongoing tasks.

I tend to make little subtle things tasks, such as listening to certain types of music at different times, because I want my fucking property to remember THEIR OWNED BY ME!!! Everything they listen to, and everything they do… THEY THINK OF ME! After all… That’s how it should be. Right? So at this specific time for the next week, I wanted him to become acquainted with classical music. Every time he was on the computer, he had to have classical music in the background.

Another task was, he needed to keep me company while I worked my nightshifts. Since I work in health care; there’s shift work. When I work nightshift I expect to have my peasants keep me company, as I take my laptop to work. When all the work is done I hate being bored, and I like the conversation. These are great opportunities to really get to know each other.

I had explained this to the old wanker and set the boundaries, as I had stated… These would be the times we would really be able to get to know one another in depth outside the fetishes. It really worked out, as he was just like me… EXTREMELY NOCTURNAL!!! I swear that I’ve been naturally nocturnal since birth, as I cannot sleep through the nights at all!!

I got to say the old bastard pulled through! As it turned out he used to work nights in a Pub for over 20 years, then worked as a night dispatcher for several years after that. He use to write as well. He attempted to write a book but never published it. I had requested a copy for my reading pleasure. I will read it someday as it is interesting getting inside the brains of those who serve me. When 7am came he was there to say good night, being a good little boy!

pest-nipple clampsOne evening him and I got talking on Skype; carrying on if you will… And he fucking decided to mock me, by making fun of one of my spelling errors.. The fucking bastard pissed me off. I ordered him to put his nipple clamps on right away, and to keep them there for the rest of the night until he went to bed; which mean’t he would have had to leave them on for over three hours. He wasn’t going to be a smart ass, and get away with it… He boo hoo’d for a little while, but I told him he needed to incorporate his feelings in his next journal entry, as I wanted everyone reading to see how fucking pathetic he was being…

The next day when I woke up I found the journal entry made its way to my inbox. I tell ya… For a person that has had personal experiences with actually being dominated physically by a Dominatrix… He sure fucking whined enough… “I feel so dirty, and filthy… My nipples pain. They hurt so badly”, and blah blah blah!!! Just shut up!! Fuck, you stupid ol’wanker!! Just take it like the bitch you are, would you?!! I mean JEESH!!! Oh!! And Psssssttt!!! Check out the capitalization for the “i”’s… Ugghhhhh!!!! Annoying!!


His second journal entry:

“i received an e-mail from Mistress Bella and i don’t know if i am reading it right. It said i am only to shave on shower on Thursdays. That cannot be right. i better read that again. Hmmm, well it does say exactly that. That is ridiculous. i can’t go an entire week with shaving and showering, well shaving not so bad, i can handle that but to not shower for an entire week, i will stink so bad. And not only the smell but there is that dirty sort of feeling after just a few days.

Since i was 21 i have shaved and showered every day. Well i may have not the odd day say maybe 3 or 4 days a year. But otherwise with the exception if i was ill i shaved and showered every day. My day never really started until i showered. No matter how much i think about it and how much i try to convince myself that it will be ok i know it’s going to be very difficult.

i can cheat and sneak a shower in there somewhere. No i can’t do that. i wouldn’t do that. i am 100% committed to Mistress Bella and so if i am going to stink and i may have to stay home the last few days before Thursday, maybe Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mistress Bella did mention that if an occasion were to arise where i felt i needed to shave and shower and it wasn’t Thursday that i would be able to ask Her and for some cash She would allow me to have a shave and shower. i don’t see that happening, well not often anyway. It may occur once or twice year and i am fine with asking and giving Her some cash to be able to shave and shower. i know that i will do anything She tells me so this isn’t that bad. i actually expect that there will be many allot worse situations where i will be more unhappy about and want to resist doing but will still comply.

i know its only been a few days but Mistress Bella is already i think the most important thing in my life. The last two nights we spent together on skype have already created a bond that i believe will soon be indestructible. i know She gets me and that’s so important to me. One thing i really love about Her is that even though She is a Domme and i am Her slave She is very supportive of me. i know we both want the relationship to work and i have no doubt at all that it will. It helps so much that i am an experienced slave. Its not like i am green and have to learn so much and be told over and over to do things. i understand my role as Her slave and know that She knows that. i know that my time belongs to Her and that it is my position to be obedient and loyal at all times and do as i am told especially and even more in situations where i feel i would rather not follow Her instructions. After all i know i am now dependant on Her instruction and guidance. i know that only shaving and showering on Thursdays is a very small price to pay to be able to Serve and gain attention. Everything comes at a price.

i have a full deodorant and that will cover the smell allot. i probably will have to apply it 4 times a day. And i guess stock up on deodorant is on my Thursday list of errands. Also i will have to look and see what kinds of nice smelling powders i can buy on Thursday to help with the stench. The thing is it has been really hot here lately and so i am sweating allot as well. So that adds to how bad i am going to smell. It’s going too get bad!

i guess my vacuuming and housecleaning will have to be done on Wednesdays. i know i do work up a good sweat doing them and so by this time i will probably smell so bad so i may as well just add to it. And by Thursday i will be needing a one hour shower to get clean again and smell good.

i guess i will be using my air conditioner allot so i won’t sweat much. A combination of the heat and anything physical is going to cause a horrific odour.

It’s a good thing i don’t get much company. At least i won’t have to worry about stinking for any company.

My coffee buddy’s won’t be a problem, i don’t think. They are very understanding and it hasn’t been a problem in the past and so i don’t see it being a concern. It’s more about can i stand myself wreaking.i know that now i will always be looking forward to Thursdays. It will now be my favourite day of the week. i know i will be waiting for Thursday to arrive so i can shave and especially shower.

As far as Thursdays being my “your day” that will be ok. Actually now that i think of it when i worked i always did all my errands and banking etc. on my day off. i always did it all in one day. So i will just have to get back into that routine. And well Mistress Bella did say that if something important came up and like if i needed to buy something before Thursday i am able to request and with a little cash offer She may grant me to be able to do it before Thursday. Even though She may say know i don’t really see that happening. i think She would be good about that. And i am sure She would always find use for the extra cash.

i guess the bottom line is that i will have to learn to live with the odour. And in time i know i will get use to it. i also am realizing that it will give me an extra half hour a day to put to use in another area doing something else. It will be another half hour a day that Mistress Bella will be able to use me for her benefit elsewhere doing something else.

Mistress Bella also told me that i will only be able to masturbate on Thursdays. This could be a bit difficult or even allot difficult as sometimes while i am online something gets me so aroused that i get an erection and want to masturbate and even need to masturbate. But She didn’t say if i can only masturbate once on Thursdays or if i can do it twice or maybe even three times. i have masturbated three times in one day before. Not three times in a row but spread throughout the day. If i can do that it will make it a little easier to make it through the rest of the week without masturbating. Regardless i am a strong person and i know i will be able to restrain myself. i have great will power! i know i have gone allot of times three or maybe even sometimes four days without masturbating. And that was not doing it because i was unable as i was told that today.

i know that a huge part of Serving Mistress Bella is sacrifice. And i know that i will be asked to and also of my own choice make huge sacrifices for Her. So the masturbating on Thursdays only i consider a small sacrifice. i also know that as suffering is a part of Serving Mistress Bella and therefore i will in the future suffer for Her! i do not how and when only that i will have to suffer for Her!

Masturbating is a great release so it is something i will miss and cause my really looking forward to Thursdays. i hope i am able to do it more than once on Thursdays. And i know i have before been in a situation where i wanted to masturbate but didn’t feel it was appropriate at the time. i am referring to times when someone else was nearby or in the same room and of course when i was out in public. i have never masturbated in public. Oh and there were also times at work where i found i wanted too but was unable as i worked with the public and there was always either staff or customers present. i didn’t feel right going to the bathroom and masturbate then return and serve the customers food and drink. i did however several times when i worked as a dispatcher excuse myself and go to the washroom and masturbate in the washroom.

Only masturbating on Thursdays is another one of those things i will do even if i find it tremendously difficult for the reason that i am doing it because Mistress Bella says so. i know i find it easier to not do something or do things i would rather not do but will because i am doing it for Mistress Bella and i will always no matter how, no matter the situation be obedient to Her. i have tremendous respect for Mistress Bella and therefore will remain obedient regardless the circumstance.

In the future every time i get the urge to masturbate with the exception of Thursdays i will just think about Mistress Bella and how She has Her reason for wanting it this way. It may be for punishment or amusement or something else. i will not question why. i will only obey! And i will always obey! My purpose is to Please Mistress Bella no matter how much discomfort, pain, inconvenience, suffering, sacrifice or humiliation it causes.

i made a huge mistake today when i mimicked Mistress Bella. She did not appreciate and told me so immediately. She was very stern in saying so. i realized at that moment that i had disrespected Her! Mistress Bella’s punishment which i deserved without question was to wear my nipple clamps for the remainder of time i was awake. i would only be able to remove them when i go to sleep. i also was told i had to send Her a picture of me wearing them. Of course i did that without hesitation.

i am wearing the nipple clamps and there is actually allot of pain. i have not worn nipple clamps in many years. i have forgotten what the pain was like. i am glad that they are adjustable and i have the tension at its lowest. i will actually turn it up as time progresses because i feel that i am being punished and i don’t want to feel like a whimp and sulk about it. i believe that Her objective was to cause me pain and so i need to endure pain. i am very aware that pain is huge part of Serving Mistress Bella. Pain is usually punishment and i know that no matter how hard i try to Please her i will do things that will require punishment. Although there will also be methods of punishment not requiring and enduring pain for short and long periods of time. Humiliation is one of those methods.

i have leaned tonight that i cannot and so will not in the future be disrespectful to Mistress Bella. Even though when i did it earlier it was completely unintentional i was in the wrong. Mistress Bella corrected me. i am thankful to Her for this.

i am aware the Mistress Bella’s mood will depend on how things go. i have learned tonight that She can go from nice to mean in a flash. So i will never in the future know what is coming next. It will definitely keep me guessing but also keep me on my toes.

As i sit here and think about Mistress Bella with the nipple clamps tension turned up as a reminder of what i did wrong tonight i know She is doing what is best for me. Mistress Bella knows what is best for me. She knows what should and shouldn’t have. She knows what i should and should not do. She knows when i should or should not be punished. She knows i would be lost without Her. Mistress Bella is all knowing! The pain from the nipple clamps reminds me that i am so lucky to be able to Serve Her and in pain. i realize that this is only the beginning of things to come, many bad but many good as well. There is a side to Her that is nice.

After all i am Her slave. And what Mistress Bella wants Mistress Bella gets.

i have really come to like the classical piano music playing in the background as i chat with Mistress Bella. It was her idea and it’s a great idea. It is something that will continue in the future.”

i am so very thankful to Mistress Bella for what She has shown me in only a few days. i know there is much She can teach me. i know that there is allot that i will learn from Her! Thank You Mistress Bella!”

The next nightshift I had worked, I demanded the pest to order a chastity. I thought it was ridiculous to have masturbating allowances with no chastity. He told me on Skype what his options were, and I reminded him that he would have to order the smallest one they had… But I wasn’t sure if they made them THAT small… He chuckled, but I knew it wasn’t taken as a compliment and the thought of that made me smile… Five minutes later, he told me he had ordered it.

I began to count the days for his “Jail” to arrive.

During this time, I had gotten him to do a couple of things that he needed to make sure he kept intact (including becoming with the music from Sigour Ros into the week); ESPECIALLY when he went out with his buddies for coffee, which he did every other evening; or went out in public (Including on his “Special Days”).


These two things had to be in place… NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

 1) He had to make sure my name was written in a visible area for people to see and question.

2) He had to wear sexy pairs of underwear for people to see when he bent over to pick up random things that he would PURPOSELY drop.

He would tell me different times how people would look at him strange, and he also admitted how his coffee buddies had noticed the name… They had questioned him about it. His story wasn’t exactly lying as he said it was the name of a girl he was chatting with on line, and that we play games like this… Needless to say, they must have thought he was a FUCKING FREAK because they didn’t ask any more questions.

Could you imagine sitting with a friend at coffee and noticing:

1) A mysterious Mistress name written on their hand.

2) They are wearing sexy panties,and your friend is NOT female. LOL!!

What the hell would you think? You’d be thinking “WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT is he wearing? WHY is he wearing that?” Would you be inching toward the fucking door? I most certainly would think about it, but I would rather drive him nuts asking him questions all night. I would embarrass the shit right out of him. I would have the right to know if my friend was a cross dressing wanna be!!! Or perhaps he could be a cross dressing whore??!!! Wouldn’t you want to know if he secretly dreams of gobbling on your nob? He’d be your friend and all, but… You would want to ensure NOTHING was there… Right? You don’t want to be part of his fantasies… That would just be fucking gross…. Or would it? Perhaps you have the same thoughts? I didn’t think so…LOL (Are you touching yourself??? Ewweeeee!!!)

He would send me unplanned emails just to show he was thinking of me, which meant a lot. Here was one of them explaining himself as to why I’m seemed to be so different from the others he has had dealings with:

“As for how You are different from other Mistresses online is difficult to explain. The most noticeable thing is that 99% of the Domme’s online are all about money. i have found that most won’t chat with you are even read an e-mail from you without you first sending them a tribute. Many Domme’s demand the money. Allot only want a sugar daddy! They talk about wallet rape and ruining you and taking every cent from you. If You would have fallen into this category i don’t think i would be writing You today. i understand and believe that money is definitely needed as a part of the Domme/slave relationship. But many go way overboard and want ridiculous amounts. i have had several Domme’s refuse me because i wasn’t able to give enough money.You on the other hand are more about the Control and Serving You. As You put it “Playing the Game” You love Your slave to be used in other ways than money.

You are different from other Dommes in that You are more intelligent than most. You actually know what You are talking about. Also Most Domme’s only talk about things related to bdsm. You on the other hand talk about everything. You talk about the Beatles and music. You talk about television and movies and so much more. i found that the other Dommes i talked with talked only about bdsm and were repitious and therefore boring. You i find interesting and entertaining and You have a great sense of humor, something else not seen in other Domme’s. The only thing they laugh at is the humiliating things the slave does.

You i find to be understanding and You listen to what the slave says. Other Domme’s talk and don’t listen and are not understanding.

There are so many Dommes looking for slaves online. Not only on findoms but many other sites. i believe that the reason isn’t that there is a lack of submissives but that most or allot of Dommes anyway want too much money and like i said earlier won’t talk to you or read a subs e-mail without first getting money. i know they say its too weed out the time wasters. Well i think it’s the same with the submissive that they want to find a good Domme and one that they like and offers what they want. One they can trust. So for the sub to have to pay a tribute of $50 for every Domme they e-mail it could add up to a ton of money. Also they are some fake Dommes out there. Also some have profiles and are no longer looking for slaves so when a slave sends money She gets it or maybe She doesn’t but the slave doesn’t get the money back. This has happened to me in the past. i think its good to have small piece of a good pie than a big piece of a bad pie. Other Mistresses could learn allot from You! are the envy of most other Mistresses.”

I was taken aback by this email for a number of reasons, as he had brought forward a couple of interesting factors that surprised me… Not the comments about myself, but more about how other people decide to run their house.

I’m the first one to preach about respecting another Dommes approach, as what’s not compatible with one, there is someone out there looking for that very style… However in saying that, a Financial Dominatrix with a TRUE fetish for this niche is going to want FULL control of the sub and will need to have fun doing so. Money and paying tributes is all part of the game, but if you’re into this JUST for the money, then you’re not going to be seen as a Domme that has the actual fetish. You’re just going to be seen as a money whore and a rip off… Nothing more. If you want respect, then you have to BE and ACT the part of a respected Boss, as you are the one who is in FULL control. Get to know your slave with corresponding back and forth about a VARIETY of topics. It’s not just about giving orders, and shouting out your demands for money… It’s about forming a bond and establishing a relationship.

As the days went by, the correspondence continued. I had assigned him a different task, which was more along the lines of introducing movies that would provoke thought. I love watching movies that leave you thinking philosophically, and hypothetically. These movies were Disconnect, Adjustment Bureau, World War Z, and The Purge.

I like assigning very different tasks surrounding what we do in all aspects of life, as I want the slave to be thinking of me at ALL times. If you hear certain music… You’re going to think of me. If you see similar movies to what you’ve watched, I want you thinking of me… I slowly become ingrained in your head. THAT is how it should be!! Remember… FULL control of ALL aspects, not just one.

Eventually, the jail arrived. I was so excited!! I couldn’t wait for the pest to put it on!! He had sent me pictures of the box, and had explained to me he was trying to figure out the assembly. lock-him-up-bella While he was putting on the jail and taking pictures during placement, I was taking it upon myself to check around a common community site that him and I both share, and it was there that everything went to shit.

I had noticed one of the Dommes was questioning his ownership status, as he never really made it clear on his profile to anyone if he was owned or not. I didn’t think anything about that, as he has made it clear in his emails that he was mine and how much he respected me!

I proceeded to keep looking on his profile and I had noticed that while he’s online in any given site, he acts like a fucking horny dog on a leash, as he left his mark everywhere on the site… His comments were of someone that was a beggar and a free loader looking for free spank material. On one particular photo he commented on another Domme “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!!!” And on several others he had made similar remarks… In my opinion, that is OUTRIGHT disrespect towards not just me, but to other Dommes…

If you want to look at spank material, I’m fine with that… Just be respectful by fucking acting like a decent fucking slave!! Would you go up to a hot chick in public and say those things to her “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!!!”… If you did, she’d probably take cover, as she be under the assumption there would be a load of spooge coming straight for her!!! OR she would call the cops, or smack you in the face…lol


 As soon as I seen the pathetic fucking behavior, I went aboard of him. He, of course, didn’t understand what the problem was, and why I was making him wear his nipple clamps again… No matter how I presented the problem, he could see no wrong with it. He even brought up the amount of “other Dommes” he could have went with…

BITCH PLEASE!!!!! If you can find another Financial Dominatrix for $35 dollars a week to give you the same amount of time and effort as I gave you then… FUCKIN’ GO TO ‘ER, you old fucking pathetic piece of shit!

You see… If a slave finds out they’ve been disrespectful, then they need to do the punishment and learn from their mistakes. It’s the Domme that’s in control. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the Domme is acting at the time, if she has full control over you… Just fucking take it bitch!!

It was then I decided in my own mind, that this relationship was over. I did give it a couple of days to see how the pest would act, and he didn’t even respond to my emails. He was nice enough to pay that weeks tribute, but I kicked him to the curb. I deserve slaves that are going to be respectful, and OBEDIENT!!!

Know what your fucking role is! It’s not that difficult… Either YOU want to be controlled, or you don’t… It’s that simple, you fucking sick bastards!!!

So, you disrespectful pest….

If you are reading this…. Don’t fucking bother coming back to me to get “controlled”… I have other subs that seem to know their place!! May you search a long fucking time before you find another, and hopefully you had learned a little something by then….

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